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Anupama 27th October 2022 Anupama’s financial class teacher gives homework before ending class. Anupama thinks she gave a 5-page lecture even at her introductory class. She notices Vanraj calling and seeking permission from teacher walks out of class and picks it. Vanraj says he wants to talk to her something important about Pakhi.

Anupama says she would be attending a class from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. thrice a week and wouldn’t pick anyone’s call. Vanraj asks why can’t she, aren’t children important for her. Anupama says they are, but she herself is most important to her first, Toshu and Pakhi’s issues are endless, and she can’t stop her personal development for them.

Vanraj says her daughter needs her. Anupama says her daughter is not a milk drinking kid that she needs a finger guidance all the time and when she fight for her marriage, yell at her mother, lie to her family and spend time with boyfriend in a hotel room, she can wait for some time.

Vanraj asks who will handle her daughter then. Anupama says he should, she will study at a college and its her right which she will not let anyone snatch it. Vanraj shouts shut up. Anupama says he should shut up; she knows Pakhi must have said something and he would have panicked and called her to come and handle Pakhi, its Pakhi’s daily drama and its up to Vanraj how to handle her; she wants to clear it again that she will not pick phone during college hours and will call back only during free time.

She rejoins class and recalls Leela and Vanraj humiliating her and stopping her from pursuing her studies. Vanraj and Leela frown seeing Anupama’s prompt refusal to help them. Leela yells at Anupama and blame her for wrongly upbringing Pakhi and Toshu. She calls Anuj a wife’s slave who just blindly obeys his wife and tries to call Anupama.

Hasmukh stops her and warns her to dare not disturb Anupama. Leela questions Anupama’s upbringing and blames her for all the problems arise. Hasmukh says its not only a mother’s duty but also a father and grandmother’s duty to upbring a child, and just like Leela spends an hour in pooja and says its her right,

even Anupama has right to spend time for herself and would call them once she is free. They both get angry on Hasmukh for supporting Anupama always. Vanraj says he will handle Pakhi now and will not let her marry Adhik.

Anuj eagerly waits for Anupama outside her class. He watches her hiding when she gets out of class and passes by with her classmates. Ek Haseen Ladki Se Hogaya Hai Mujhe Pyar.. song plays in the background. She throws a love letter on him silently and walks away. He feels ecstatic reading his first college love letter. Adhik confronts Barkha for provoking Shahs against him.

Barkha says already Anupama is a bahu of this house and she doesn’t want her daughter also to be bahuy of this house. Adhik says if she can’t understand that he loves Pakhi. Barkha says there is nothing like love, she is already suffering. Adhik says he is suffering instead and feels pity for himself and Adhik who has such a cunning wife and sister. Adhik asks them to stop their argument and challenges Barkha that he will marry Pakhi at any cost.

Anupama enjoys a quality time with her classmates and teacher and describes how these moments are special to her. Anuj hiding behind a tree reflects light on her and thinks during 90s, there was only college and no romance in her life, but now in 2022, he will romance freely. He sends a romantic poem for her. She blushes reading it. Her classmates share tiffin with her.

She opens tiffin and finds heart-shaped roti. They taunt her, and she blushes more. Vanraj panics when Anupama doesn’t pick call. Kavya asks why is he disturbing Anupama when she is not picking his call. He yells at her to shut up. She says he hasn’t changed at all and changes to old Vanraj when there is some crisis.

Anuj clicks Anupama’s photo hiding. Anupama continues to chat with her classmates and creates a whatsapp group. She thinks Anuj gave her many gifts, but this is very special. She walks to Anuj and repeats thank you. He says welcome and says it was the most difficult day for him waiting for her. She says she knew he would wait for her on the first of her college. Their romantic discussion continues.

At home, Little Anu prepares a poem for Anupama. GK helps her byheart it. Ankush asks Barkha not to start her drama again. Anuj and Anupama return home. Little Anu recites a poem for Anupama. Anuj says Little Anu specially prepared it for her. Anupama claps. Ankush asks how was her first day at college. She says its an unexplainable experience which she was craving for since years.

She continues her explanation. GK asks Anupama to rest while he prepares snacks for her. Anupama says she will prepare snacks and even check Little Anu’s homework while working in kitchen. Barkha thinks why Anupama is not worried about Pakhi at, if Vanraj didn’t call her yet. Leela calls Anupama on landline and shouts to stop wandering and visit home immediately.

Anuj says he could hear Baa’s voice from the receiver and asks Anupama to visit her. Anupama says she will not. After some time, she discusses with Anuj that she has even him and Little Anu in her family and need to look after them and can’t just run behind Shahs. Hasmukh messages her not to bother about Leela as she has gone mad, she should visit them if possible though. Anuj says he knows Anupama will not disregard Hasmukh’s words and asks her to visit Shahs.


Anupama 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vanraj tells Anupama that Barkha revealed Adhik’s truth, so he has decided to send Pakhi out of the state for studies. Pakhi hears that and informs Adhik. Adhik panics and requests Anuj to explain Vanraj.Anuj tries to calm him down.

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