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Anupama 19th October 2022 Vanraj asks Anupama and Kavya what happened to Leela. Anuapam asks him to calm down or else Hasmukh would panic. Vanraj says Barkha must have definitely said something to Leela that her health worsened suddenly. They both stand silently. Vanraj says he will question Leela herself and walks away.

Kavya asks Anupama to do something as Vanraj will wreck havoc if he finds out truth. Hasmukh breaks down seeing Leela unconscious and pleads her to wake up as he cannot live without her and expects himself to leave the world before her. Jignesh also breaks down. Anuj calls Anupama and says he heard the news and asks if Vanraj found out about it. Anupama says not yet and is waiting for Leela to wake up.

He says he is coming there. She asks him not to as she will handle the situation. He recites a shayari that she found find him along her in every situation of life. Anupama says she doesn’t know which good virtue she did that he came in her life, asks him to come soon.

Anupama finds Adhik standing in front of him and asks what is he doing her, he should leave before Vanraj notices and breaks his bones. Adhik gets adamant to talk to Vanraj that he loves Pakhi and wants to marry her. Their argument ensues. He says he just chatted with Pakhi in a resort room and didn’t do anything. Vanraj hears that and trashes him brutally. Anupama shouts and realizes it was her imagination.

She thinks the issue would be out anyhow. Anuj with Ankush and Barkha reaches there. Leela gets conscious and calls Vanraj. Vanraj checks her BP, says its stable, and asks her what happened at the resort that her condition deteriorated. He asks if Barkha did something. Barkha says no. Leela looks at Pakhi and starts crying. Vanraj asks what did Pakhi do. Leela says his beloved daughter ruined their dignity.

Vanraj asks what did Pakhi do and insists Kavya to speak. Kavya reveals Pakhi and Adhik stayed together in a room in a same resort they visited. Vanraj stands shocked hearing that. Kavya cries that she didn’t do anything wrong. Anuj says let him speak. Barkha and Ankush say they will send Adhik to USA.

Pakhi pleads not to do that as she loves Adhik and wants to marry him. Barkha asks if she knows what really love means. Pakhi continues to plead everyone and says she doesn’t want to give any more explanation and would marry Adhik at any cost with or without their blessings. Vanraj shouts shut up and says there is a difference between lying and betraying, she betrayed him and broke his trust. He asks from whom did she learn to lie her parents, don’t say that she learnt it from him like Toshu. Pakhi cries that she lied, but didn’t break his trust or do anything wrong.

Vanraj says he warned her not to even speak to Adhik, but she stayed in a room with him; she doesn’t know how painful its for a father to discuss about it. He asks Anupamka when did their children become so smart that they comfortably lie to them, Toshu and Pakhi humiliated them, only Samar is left and he should also humiliate them.

He says Pakhi that she told him to stay away from that boy. Pakhhi pleads for forgiveness. Vanraj says he will punish that boy. Ankush asks him to calm down as its not only Adhik’s mistake and both should be punished. Vanraj says he will punish Adhik for his mistake. Pakhi says even she did a mistake. Anupama says when both did a mistake, both shall be punished; he can’t consider his daughter as always right and other’s child as wrong, he should be impartial.

Leela says ther is no use of punishing them as they already defamed them, the only solution left is to get them married to save whatever family’s dignity left.


Anupama 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anupama says Pakhi is still young and hasn’t completed her studies yet. Leela says Pakhi already gave her final exam with Adhik. Vanraj says Pakhi will not attend college from today. Adhik reveals Anuj and Anupama that he, Barkha, and Ankush wanted to use Pakh and take over Kapadia empire.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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