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Anupama 19th November 2021 Baa walks on road feeling guilty for humiliating Baa, remembering her and Bapuji’s arguments. Anu follows her and when she is about to fall in ditch saves her and asks what if she had fallen in it. Baa says she has already fallen too low. Anu makes her sit on a park bench and says they both are right in their own views, but that she did with Bapuji is completely wrong; she may feel bad, but truth is she is the reason for Bapuji’s condition;

Bapuji was like a sweet water, but she soured it; she humiliated Bapuji in front of everyone and did really wrong. She further says that Bapuji is hurt by the person whom she loves most, Bapuji’s anger is valid and he will calm down after sometime; she felt bad with what Baa did to her, but she is hurt with what she did it with Bapuji; Bapuji is the world’s most simple and true person, etc., and for her, she is right if Bapuji is with her and wrong if he is not, he is with her today and not Baa.

Baa cries that she did a big mistake, kicked her husband from his own house; she couldn’t tolerate Anu leaving her house, though Vanraj did; she used to get angry on Anuj as she was habituated to Anu for 26 years; she saw only love in Bapuji’s eyes for 50 years and hatred only now, she will die if he doesn’t return to him; she troubled Anu for 26 years and wants her to somehow convince her husband and send him back to her, etc. Anu tries to console her.

Vanraj asks Toshu to tell what is happening there and not test his patience. Kavya, Samar, Pakhi, and Kinjal walk in looking tensed. He then asks them to to tell what happened. Kavya says Bapuji left home. He confronts them all for hiding truth from him. Anu takes Baa home. Leela and Vimla seeing them discuss that they both fight one day and shower love on each other the other day.

Anu asks Baa to go in and rest. They hear Vanraj angrily saying that Bapuji is the god of his house and he will not have even a drop of water and not rest until he brings his Bapuji back home. He sees Baa with Anu near door. Baa tries to enter house. He warns her to dare not enter house after what she did with his father in his absence. He further shouts at Anu to get out. Baa says he brought her here. Kavya thinks ex-saas bahu reunited again. He tells Baa that Anu is an outsider and he doesn’t have any complaint against, he wants to know from Baa where is his Bapuji.

Anu says Baa went to convince Bapuji and bring him back home, but he denied. He asks how will he when a father is humiliated in his own house; if someone else would have insulted his father, he would have killed that person, but his mother insulted his father; Baa brought him up and they share same nature, but there is one difference and he knows to bend in front of his father;

his father is house’s door and however high his head is, he has to bend in front of the door. He can die for his father’s dignity, but his mother destroyed it; he would rather die trying to get back his father’s dignity and he is ashamed of his mother. Anu says she is an outsider, but wants to say that.. He shouts then just shut up. She says he cannot make another mistake to correct one;

Baa humiliated Bapuji and made a mistake, he shouldn’t humiliate Baa and let her in. He says let there be a drama. She says Bapuji is with her and she will send him home once he calms down. He calms down thanks her. Kavya provokes him not to thank this heroine as she provoked Baa against Bapuji. Anu says not now. Kavya asks if she is afraid of truth of V.


Anupama 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Anu tries to stop Vanraj from shutting door on Baa’s face and says she knows how it feels. He doesn’t budge and forcefully tries to close door when Bapuji walks in.

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Telecast Date:19th November 2021
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