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Anupama 18th October 2022 Pakhi cries hugging Anupama and says she didn’t cross her limits and didn’t do anything wrong. Leela says mother will believe her daughter’s crocodile tears now.

Pakhi says she truly loves Adhik and wanted to spend quality time with him. Rakhi says Toshu and Pakhi don’t seem to be Anupama’s children seeing their behavior. Anupama asks Pakhi how can she think of marriage when she is not even 20 years old and hasn’t completed her studies.

Leela says she has already started the activities which happen post marriage and soon will hand them over results from resort. Pakhi cries that she didn’t do anything of that sort. Leela asks then what is she doing here. Anupama says its a time to focus on studies and career.

Kavya says Anupama is right, its time to focus on career, and most of the time they fail to differentiate between love and attraction. Pakhi says she truly loves Adhik. Leela says she will not let a cheapster become her family’s son-in-law. Pakhi gets adamant that she will marry only Adhik even if they all oppose. Kinjal says she should focus on studies and career first.

Pakhi warns her to shut up as even she eloped and married. Kinjal says she had already completed her MBA, so Pakhi cannot compare her to herself. Pakhi gets adamant that she will marry only Adhik. Anupama says they will have further discussion at home and walks aside.

She breaks down hugging Rakhi and says though Pakhi may haven’t done anything, its wrong to stay with a man in a hotel room, but Pakhi doesn’t want to accept her mistake and doesnt’ understand fear of parents. Rakhi says she understands her fear as she also used to fear whenever Kinjal used to go out with friends that she may fall in some incompatible person’s love; children’t can’t understand parent’s tension, etc.

Barkha gets angry on Adhik for falling in Pakhi’s love while their original plan was to trap Pakhi and misuse her against Anupama. Adhik says he truly loves Pakhi and will marry only her. Barkha shouts and orders him that she will not let that happen as there is nothing called love in this world.

Vanraj gets concerned when Pakhi deosn’t pick call. He gets her message that she is returning home. In cab, Kavya requests Leela not to create an issue immediately after reaching home. Anupama continues to feel heartbroken due to Pakhi’s behavior and fears Vanraj’s anger. Barkha with Adhik returns home fuming.

Anuj and Ankush asks why their trip was cut short and where are Anupama and little Anu. Barkha asks Adhik reveal about his heinous act. Adhik warns her not to use such language. Barkha reveals that Adhik and Pakhi were caught in a same resort they all ladies had gone to. Anuj and Ankush stand shocked.

Ladies return to Shah house. Vanraj asks why they are home so early. Kavya says something. Vanraj is more surprised seieng Pakhi with them. Kinjal says they found her on the way and took her along. Anupama reminds Pakhi that she has a meeting. Rakhi says she will take Kinjal and Pari along and leaves with them. Dolly murmurs in Anupama’s ears to be brave and courageous.

Leela gets a panic attack trying to reveal about Pakhi’s heinous act and fall unconscious due to stress. Family rushes her to room. Ankush holds Adhik’s collar after hearing about his act. Barkha tries to pull Ankush out. Anuj stops Ankush and tells Adhik that he had already warned him not to do anything wrong with Pakhi. Adhik says he truly loves Pakhi and wants to marry him.

Anupama messages Anuj that she and little Anu are at Shah house. Vanraj notices her nervousness.Adhik argues with Ankush and says he took Pakhi to a resort to speak and would marry only her and doesn’t care what they think.

Doctor tests Leela. Vanraj and Hasmukh asks why did Leela fall unconscious suddenly. Doctor says Leela’s BP shot up due to stress, they need to make sure she is stress-free or else she may have to be admitted. Hasmukh breaks down seeing Leela’s condition and says life partner is necessary at the end stage of life and he will also die if Leela dies. Anupama comforts him. Vanraj leaves asking Samar to stay with Leela and Hasmukh.


Anupama 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anuj recites a poem to comfort Anupama, revealing he will always support her. Leela tells Vanraj that Pakhi ruined her family’s respect. Vanraj questions Kavya who reveals that Pakhi and Adhik stayed in a room of the same resort they were staying in.

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Telecast Date:18th October 2022
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