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Anupama 17th October 2022 Anupama and her ladies’ team are shocked to see Pakhi and Adhik at a resort lobby. Anupama sends Little Anu away with Dolly. Adhik tries to speak. Anupama warns him to stop and takes Pakhi and Adhika aside. She tongue lashes Pakhi for lying. Adhik tries to speak again.

Anupama warns him to shut up as she is speaking to her daughter. She asks Pakhi if she lied to stay in a room with Adhik. Leela breaks down and asks her to give them poison and kill them before they face humiliation by society, says Pakhi ruined their parents’ respect, etc..

Kinjal asks Pakhi why did she do this even after Anupama’s warning. Kavya says she thought Adhik being elder to Pakhi is sensible, but she was wrong. Kavya says they know both family’s relationship is highly sensitive, even then they didn’t bother at all. Leela says Vanraj and Toshu were right about Adhik and if they trashed him then, this situation wouldn’t have arisen at all.

Kavya warns Leela to stop abusing her brother. Leela asks what if her daughter was taken to a room by someone like this, she will not spare Adhik today. Barkha says her granddaughter has by herself accompanied Adhik and she instead has manipulated him. Rakhi says Barkha has a point, Pakhi is not a kid to be manipulated. Leela warns her to stop interfering between this issue as its not her daughter’s issue. Barkha says Leela’s granddaughter has gone her father.

Leela says Adhik has gone on his sister and just like Barkha trapped Ankush, Adhik trapped Pakhi. Barka says as if her granddaughter is from a crorepati family and her brother doesn’t have any other work than trapping Pakhi. Kavya and Kinjal ask them to stop fighting. Leela and Barkha’s argument continues.

Pakhi shouts you all enough and tells Anupama what if she lied to her and spend time in a room with Adhik, all consenting adults of her age do that, but they don’t understand that. Anupama asks if she knows the meaning of adults or understood it in a hotel room; she doesn’t know about her career and future and is calling herself adult; she depends on her papa for mobile recharge and petty things and calls herself an adult; she didn’t clear a single bill with her own money till now and calls herself an adult just after spending time in a hotel room.

Pakhi yells at her to stop her lecture as everyone does that and its normal in foreign countries. Anupama says in foreign countries, children don’t depend on their parents at 20 and 25 years and leave home after completing their high school at 16 years, work and take care of themselves independently; if she wants to give their example, she should be independent first; she can’t prepare food herself and is totally dependent on parents, etc.

Pakhi says they have made her life a hell. Anupama says she herself has made her life a hell and asks her to dare leave the house and live an independent life if she can. Pakhi says all seniors just know to criticize youngsters and suffocate them, she is not doing any timepass with Adhik and truly loves him, they themselves were in love and now criticizing her. Anupama says their love didn’t cross any limits like Pakhi.

Pakhi says this is what love means in 2022. Leela asks if she got nobody else than this cockroach/Adhik to love and warns her to stay away from chockroach. Pakhi holds Adhik’s hand. Adhik says they both love each other and wants to marry. Pakhi says she will marry only Adhik. Anupama warns her to return home with her.

Men get tired after party. Anuj says he is getting more tired in middle age. GK says he is still a teenager. All men laugh. Vanraj asks all men to stay back tonight as ladie would be coming only tomorrow. Anuj says he needs to return home as doctor must be coming for his physiotherapy therapy session.

Jignesh jokes. Anupama asks Rakhi to book a cab for them. Leela calls Vanraj, but he is busy joking around and doesn’t pick call. Pakhi gets tensed and requests Anupama to stop Leela. Anupama asks why is she afraid now while she was openly boasting about her love in front of her mother and grandmother.

Kavya asks Anupama to stop Leela as Vanraj may fight with Ankush and Anuj in a fit of rage. Leela calls landline. Anupama disconnects call and reminds how Vanraj loses control and hates Ankush. Leela calms down. Barkha takes Adhik from there forcefully.

Anuj leaves with Ankush and GK. Vanraj says all the differences between him and Ankush have cleared, he seems to be not that bad. Hasmukh talks about cordial relationships. Samar apologizes Vanraj for not informing about his loan from Anuj. Vanraj suggests him not to break Anuj’s trust and gets concerned that Pakhi didn’t return yet and finds her phone not reachable.

Pakhi tries to justify herself. Anupama says her justification will not change the fact that she is wrong, why didn’t she think about family once before spending a time in hotel with a man. She asks what if someone had recorded her photo or Adhik himself had done that and uploaded it in social media. Leela says Pakhi knows a language of slippers and not words. Pakhi cries that she didn’t do anything wrong as she got afraid and hugs Anupama.


Anupama 18th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vanraj is surprised to see Pakhi returning with Anupama. Barkha reveals Ankush and Anuj that Adhik was caught with Pakhi in the resort ladies had gone in. Leela collapses while trying to explain. Vanraj looks at Anupama’s tensed face.

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Telecast Date:17th October 2022
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