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Anupama 14th October 2022 Shah ladies enjoy swimmming pool party. Anupama notices Leela upset and asks what did Barkha say. Leela says nothing. Anupama says she read Leela’s face more than a newspaper for 26 years and knows her very well. Leela says she felt bad when Barkha mocked her her oiling her hair with jasmine oil, she applies it since childhood.

She says senior citizens shouldn’t be taken to resort and should be left at home to bless youngsters; she couldn’t tolerate Barkha mocking her over a phone call with Ankush. Anupama cheers her up saying everyone has both good and bad qualities like Leela knows tons of herbal remedies and is nicked as a compounded. Leela says she should at least say a doctor.

Anupama reminds her that even she had issues with Barkha’s dressing style and mocked her many times as backless jetani, but Barkha never took it seriously; Leela should learn to accept criticism sportively when she also ciritizes others brutally. She says let us enjoy here and chill as they would be fighting anyways at home. Leela says she is worried about the kitchen mess that would be done by men.

Men prepare food and comment on the mess they created in the kitchen. GK and Jignesh discuss how difficult cooking is and how women tolerate all the difficulties without any complaint. Leela expresses her concern for Pakhi and discusses how Pakhi easily fools Vanraj in talks.

She discusses how girls misuse freedom, but mother and grandmother notice every mistake of them. She says Pakhi’s age would force her to do mistakes, and they shall be careful. Anupama thinks Leela is right. All women enjoy pool party dancing on Aaj Blue Hai Paani Paani.. song. Adhik and Pakhi enjoy a drink in a resort room.

Women get full after having food and discuss that how bad it was and how much they criticize women at home and chefs at restaurants. Anuj says he wants someone to sing a song and himself starts singing. Hasmukh says he is a good poet but a really bad singer. Anuj says Vanraj sings better and requests him to sing. He sings Yeh Shaam Mastani..

song. Women return to a room and plan a truth or dare game. Anupama goes out to make a quick call to Pakhi. She calls Pakhi via resort reception land line and asks when will she go home. Pakhi rudely says she will once she finishes her project and disconnects call. Adhik enjoys pasta with her and realizes he forgot their ID cards at the reception. Pakhi panics and asks what will they do now. Adhik says let us collect it while returning.

Anupama calls Anuj next and asks what was he doing. Anuj says he was remembering her and never gets alone as either she or her memories are with him always. She asks what else he did. He says he cooked and enjoyed. She says she enjoyed more. He says they value their dear ones when they go away. Their discussion continues when a staff hands over Adhik and Pakhi’s ID cards to receptionist.

ID cards fall down. Anupama without noticing it returns to receptionist and continues her chat. Kavya walks in and insists to talk to Vanraj. She snatches receiver from Anupama. Anuj says I love you. Kavya informs Anupama and says its her. Anuj apologizes her.

Kavya talks to Vanraj while Anupama and Anuj mock them both. Kavya and Anupuma decide not to inform other ladies about their phone calls and walk away from reception, without noticing Pakhi and Adhik’s ID cards.


Anupama 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rakhi insists ladies to visit sunset point. They all are shocked to see Pakhi and Adhik paying room bill at a reception.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
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