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Anupama 13th October 2022 During all women outing, Leela delays to join the team. Anupama hopes Leela is not fighting with Barkha. Barkha asks Leela to get out of the bathroom soon as everyone are waiting for them. Leela says she doesn’t know how to use a 5-star hotel tap, they

should teach it to everyone. Barkha says even little Anu knows to use taps, Leela is wasting everyone’s time. She calls Ankush via landline and complains describing how she is suffering with Rakhi taking over everyone’s phone, sharing room with Leela who is making her mad with her hair oil and dirtying a bathroom.

Ankush laughs hearing her complaint and says all senior citizens do same. Barkha says he will experience it if he shares a room with GK and Hasmukh, all senior citizens look good sitting on a lawn chair. Leela hearing her conversation and says she applies oil as she gets headache without and hasn’t soiled bathroom, she will stay with Anupama if Barkha has any problem.

Pakhi gets tensed after Anupama’s warning and asks Adhik to drop his resort plan. Adhik says he canceled meeting with his USA friends to spend qome quality time with her. Pakhi gives up and agrees to accompany him. Leela and Barkha join other ladies. Anupama notices Leela upet and asks what happened.

Leela says nothing, she doesn’t want to spoil anyone’s mood. Gents get tired after cutting vegetables and discuss that they don’t have any energy left to cook the food. Jignesh asks whose idea was it to cook a full course meal. Anuj raises hand. Jignesh says he will not say him anything as he is his favorite. Ankush says he is tired of kneading a dough that he doesn’t have any courage left to have food.

Vanraj says a person finds it difficult to cook when he gets an already cooked food. Ankush asks him what does he mean. Vanraj says whatever he understood. Ankush asks him to be specific. Vanraj says Ankush lost his business in America and he came to his brother to grab his well-established business.

Ankush says Vanraj tried to create rift between Anuj and Malvika and tried to take over their business, betrayal is in Vanraj’s family. Vanraj shouts how dare he is to visit his house and insult him. Ankush says even Vanraj visits his house and creates drama. Vanraj shouts enough. Anuj says he doesn’t to see Vanraj’s face and came here on Bapu’s invitation. Vanraj asks him to leave. Hasmukh stops them.

Rakhi takes ladies to swimming pool. Leela and Anupama hesitate. Rakhi says she wants them all to relax and enjoy freely. Leela’s drama continues. Dolly talks about being self at least for sometime and discusses her kitty parties once a month where she is addressed as Dolly and not Mrs Sanjay,

Meenu’s mother, or Hasmukh’s daughter. Kavya says she will not enter swimming pool as she is allergic to chlorine. Barkha also backs off followed by Leela. Anupama gives a speech on considering elders are jus guardians and convinces her to enter swimming pool.

Hasmukh scolds Vanraj and Ankush for fighting like kids. Hasmukh and Vanraj continue to argue. Hasmukh orders them to patch up or else he will post Vanraj’s childhood nude photos in family group. Vanraj requests not to. Anuj asks GK to post Anuj’s pics in family group. Anuj also requests not to. Hasmukh insists them to patch up then. They both shake hands and hug each other.

Ladies enjoy swimming pool party. Anuj feels food thinking Anupama must be enjoying. Adhik and Barkha enter resort. He says he will get room keys to rest and spend quality time together. Pakhi feels excited hearing that.
Adhik holds her hand and passes by swimming pool. Ladies don’t notice them. Anupama thinks she should call Vanraj and ask him to call Pakhi once. Pakhi speaks to Vanraj and convinces him that she is at her friend’s place.

Adhik takes Pakhi to room and says they can walk out if she feels uncomfortable. She says its okay. He orders pasta and some bread for her. She nervously asks if she there would be any issue as they both gave their ID cards at reception. Adhik asks her to relax as they are not underage and says soon they will stay in a same room as Mr and Mrs Mehta. She shies and he grins. He asks her to freshen up, then they will have pasta and go on a walk. Vanraj messages Anupama that Pakhi is fine and is with her friend.


Anupama 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ladies enjoy swimming pool party.Adhik realizes that he forgot IDs at reception. Anupama makes a call at reception and notices IDs.

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Telecast Date:13th October 2022
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