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Anupama 12th October 2022 Shah ladies travel in a cab for an all-women outing to celebrate Rakhi’s birthday. Leela thinks men will handle the house somehow, she is worried about Pakhi who is uncontrollable. Kinjal says they will enjoy Pari’s first outing. Kavya plays music and says picnic’s real enjoyment is leaving worries at home and enjoying it. Anupama,

Dolly, and Barkha describe how men leave their worry at home and go out while women carry their worries everywhere. They all at once say they will forget their worries and enjoy. Mere Khwabon Me Jo Aaye.. song plays in the background. Pakhi at home dances happily thinking of spending time with Adhik. Adhik reads Pakhi’s message that she is getting ready to meet him and leaves home to meet Pakhi.

Ladies reach a resort and walk out of cab in style. They all praise Rakhi’s choice of resort. Kinjal says they had visited this resort years ago and enjoyed then. Rakhi says even this time they will enjoy a lot. She asks all ladies to hand over their phone as she doesn’t want them to be disturbed. Leela refuses but gives up on everyone’s insistence. Anupama says she needs to speak to Anuj and explain him his routine. Rakhi says they already heard her giving a 2-page list to Anuj.

Anupama says her husband is ill, so she needs to talk to him regularly. Leela says it was a nice try, but she failed. Anuj calls her just then. All women taunt her. Little Anu says mummy and papa love each other a lot. Anuj gets romantic and says he is missing her, is she also missing him. Anupama says hmm. He asks how much. She says hmm hmm hmm. Anuj asks Anupama to say I love you and insists. Anupama shyingly says I love you. All ladies taunt her. Rakhi says since its a festival season, all the rooms are booked and hence they need to share the room. They all agree and decide to select room partners based on chit system.

Men turn chefs and enjoy their party. They crack lame jokes and enjoy it. Anuj says they should share their work. Vanraj says he knows only to prepare tea. Ankush asks what he does all day then. Vanraj says whatever Ankush doesn’t do. Ankush gets angry hearing that. Anuj says they will just prepare snacks and will order food from outside.

They all agree. Pakhi walks to them and tells Vanraj that she is going to her friend’s house to finish her college project, he can drop her to her friend’s house. Vanraj says he doesn’t want her to break his trust. She promises she will not. Vanraj permits her to go in auto. Pakhi happily leaves and messages Adhik that she gave his given spare phone number as her friend’s number to Vanraj and is leaving house to meet him.

Leela demands to sleep alone in her room. Dolly asks whom she will discuss about this trip then as she will not have a phone. Leela says she will not share her room with nagin though. Rakhi says she should be worried instead. Kinjal and Little Anu pick chits and select room partners for everyone.

Men cut vegetables asking Anuj why he changed his plan of ordering food. Anuj says they would have partied for 3-4 hours and get tired, so he planned cooking. Men describe how difficult it is to cut vegetables and cook. Samar says they will cook sumptuous dishes and send pics to all the ladies and surprise them with serving food when they return home. Jignesh asks how to impress ladies with their cooking.

Hasmukh says women don’t bother about food taste, they just love someone cooking food and caring for them, etc. Jignesh jokes that he is talking like Anupama. Anuj says Hasmukh is showing his romantic side. Hasmukh says its experience. Ankush says lets make a ground and post their selfies there. Men agree and post selfies.

Rakhi shows men’s pictures to all ladies. Ladies ask why is she having phone. Rakhi says she took it to click pictures. Anupama requests Rakhi to give her phone to call Pakhi. Rakhi says she knows Anupama is tensed regarding Pakhi and Adhik’s relationship. Anupama says is a concerned mother. Pakhi gets nervous seeing Rakhi’s call. Adhik says her mother must have called from Rakhi’s number.

Pakhi picks phone and rudely asks Anupama that if she doesn’t trust her and called to check on her, she can call and see her studying. Anupama says she can’t study on road as she can hear vehicle sound in the background, children cannot fool parents easily, she doesn’t mind going her out with her friends and enjoying and wouldn’t tolerate if she does something unacceptable. She hopes Kinjal doesn’t really do something unacceptable.


Anupama 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Women enjoy partying in a swimming pool. Vanraj accuses Adhik that he came to India to grab his brother’s well-established business. Ankush says betrayal is Vanraj’s family’s nature and not his. Vanraj shouts how dare he is. Anupama notices Adhik and Pakhi in that resort.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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