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Anupama 12th August 2022 Shahs look at Vanraj from ICU’s glass window. Kavya notices Vanraj moving and says V is getting conscious. Samar says he is still unconscious and looks like something is bothering him. Vanraj dreams about the event where he takes Anuj at the cliff. Anuj asks why did he bring him here.

Vanraj asks if he is afraid. Anuj says he is afraid of himself. Vanraj says its not easy to mess up with him and Anuj may lose his life. Anuj reminds that they had a similar meeting at a similar place earlier. Vanraj reminds him that he warned him then not to act as his children’s father.

Anuj says he kept his promised and asks if he has anything else to say as he needs to return to his family. Vanraj says its a fight for the family; he has seen people stealing wealth, but Anuj is the first person who stole a family; he was alone during the festival without a family because of Anuj.

Anuj says Vanraj doesn’t know to make or follow relationships. Vanraj says let it be, Anuj should stay away from his famil. Anuj says any sensible and peaceful person would like to stay away from Shah family.

Vanraj says he doesn’t want both families to meet. Anuj says even he wants same and let the families meet during festival and functions. Vanraj says he wants them to cut the ties permanently. Anuj asks if he Vanraj is shifting to North pole and says its not easy to completely cut the ties.

Vanraj gets adamant that he took a decision that his family will not meet Kapadia family again. Anuj asks who is he to force his decision on others. Vanraj says his children and parents have to accept his decision. Anuj jokes that Vanraj himself doesn’t obey his father and wants his children to obey him.

Vanraj warns him to cut the crap. Anuj asks him to stop his nonsense. Vanraj accuses Anuj of snatching his whole family, his peace of mind, and destroyed his life. Anuj asks if Vanraj betrayed Anupama after his arrival, if he had an affair with Kavya after his arrival, if he separated Samar from himself after his arrival?

Vanraj’s condition deteriorates. Doctor attends him and gives him injection. Kavya panics seeing his condition. Anupama encourages Kavya to think positive. Kavya asks how does she get so much positivity. Anupama asks if she falls weak, who will take care of Anuj and Little Anupama.

She says they have to themselves build trust, so she should trust that nothing will happen to Vanraj and Anuj. Doctor calls Anupama and informs her that Anuj needs brain surgery as he got blood clots which need to be removed. Ankush asks if there is any other option as this surgery is risky.

Doctor says if they don’t remove the clots, Anuj’s life would be at more risk, so they should take a decision in 2 hours or else even surgery option would be lost. Anupama consents for the surgery and requests to save her husband. She looks at Anuj via glass window. Serial’s title track plays in the background. She thinks when the biggest problems couldn’t harm Anuj, this operation will not harm her Anuj.

Anuj is taken for the operation. Anupama recalls the quality time spent with him. Do Pal Ruka Yaadon Ka Karwaan.. song plays in the background. Anupama asks Anuj to keep breathing. Anupama stands crying outside the OT and prays god to protect her Anuj. Operation starts. Vanraj gets conscious.

Ankush asks Adhik where is Barkha. Adhik says he doesn’t have any idea. Ankush says such a big accident happened, but Barkha is missing; Shahs will raise a question. Adhik says they all know that Vanraj is somewhere behind this accident. Ankush asks if he has any common sense in him, does he mean Vanraj pushed Anuj and then himself fell down the cliff out of guilt. He swears that he will not spare Barkha if she is involved in this.

Nurse informs that Vanraj regained conscious now and they can meet him one by one. Samar looks at Anupama. Anupama asks him to go and meet his papa. Vanraj continues to recall the accident. Doctor assures him that he is in the hospital and fine. He gives him injection and says he may feel drowsy.

Vanraj starts feeling drowsy. Keela and Hasmukh meet Vanraj first and get emotional. Kavya consoles crying Toshu and says Vanraj is fine now. Adhik asks Ankush if he should book an electric cremation for Anuj. Ankush warns him to shut up as Anuj is his brother. Ankush says he should think practically as Anuj may die. Ankush says his brother will be fine. Adhik says until Anuj gets well, they need to handle his business.


Anupama 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anupama visits Vanraj who confesses that he pushed Anuj from the cliff. Leela emotionally blackmails Anupama not to get Vanraj arrested.

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Telecast Date:12th August 2022
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