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Anandibaa Aur Emily 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 7th October 2022 Episode starts with Jaman saying everything is fair in love and war, do something, else your American dream will be gone. Pinky, Anandi, Emily and Gunjan have a talk. Anandi gets angry on Emily. Aarav comes there with the papers. Aaghya says you have signed the papers wrongly.

Aarav looks on. He says Emily trusts me a lot, I will tell Emily about the form. He asks Jaman to keep Emily engaged in talks, so that she signs without checking the papers. Emily is lost and recalls Anandi’s words. Jaman asks Aarav to just become his hardships, his love for America, you can handle Emily later on.

Emily comes there. He disconnects the call. Emily says I won’t sign the papers. Aarav says don’t think much, you should sign the papers, you should try to convince mummy. Emily asks him to give the papers. He gives it to her. He looks for a pen. He gets it. She asks will happiness come this way. He says yes.

Jaman calls her. Emily says I trust you, tell me, where to sign. She signs the papers. She says if you make a mistake, then you will get caught. He worries. She shows the bracelet stuck. He says yes, you asked me not to wear this. She says there should be no secret between a husband and a wife.

He asks why are you saying strange things. She laughs and says I m watching videos to become an Indian bahu, and learnt this dialogue. Aarav says fine, I will go now. He gets worried and recalls Emily’s words. He sees the Krishna idol moving. He worries. He falls down. Anandi gets the file. She says no, this can’t happen,

I can’t see anything. Aarav says I have to go and submit these papers, she is leaving the America citizenship. Anandi says she wants to become part of family, she has to become Sanskari bahu. She asks him to collect money from someone and get it. He says okay, I got tensed knowing your sight got weak. She smiles. He leaves.

Aarav and Jaman come to meet Bharat. Aarav says we have come with the sign. Bharat says good, show me, you know I can’t move my neck, stand there, I will turn, I finally got you. Aarav and Jaman worry. Emily calls Mridula. She asks why did you look tired. Mridula says I m tired after cleaning the house, life is better in India. Emily says yes. Mridula says I also want to come there, I will come soon.

Emily says I have a big announcement. Mridula asks you want me to handle your kids. Emily says its not that, I have applied for Indian citizenship. Mridula says Anandi would be happy, you will win her heart. Bharat says I found a way to calm my Sasur’s anger, you thought I got that guy, my Sasur wears such hoodie.

He tells a story. Aarav says I will get the same hoodie for you. Bharat gets impressed. He says that guy who broke my neck, if I get him once…. Your face is like him, just glasses make a difference, remove it. Aarav says no, I can’t see anything without glasses, check the papers. Bharat says I have no time to check,

you checked it right, you will get the visa. Aarav says we will go. Bharat says I have seen him somewhere. Emily gets apple for Anandi. Anandi refuses. Emily says I won’t go. Anandi eats it and says its sour. Emily says sorry. She eats and says this is sweet. Anandi eats it. Emily says this is American apple,

I got it from the mall, not every Kashmiri apple is sweet, same way not every American apple is bad, it depends on the apple, you don’t like America, so I m leaving America, maybe I will also win your heart. Anandi says its tough, but you try and see.


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Telecast Date:7th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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