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Anandibaa Aur Emily 3rd August 2022 Episode starts with Kanchan coming to Aarav. She asks him to message if he wants anything, but don’t come downstairs. She gives the food and goes. He shuts the door. Emily asks shall I get more shy.

He says yes, we will change the song now. He plays the song Mera chand mujhe… She lifts her ghunghat and smiles. Someone knocks the door. He says it can be Jaibala. Kanchan comes and asks for the food plate.

She says message me to give the plate, don’t come out. He says understood. He lifts Emily’s ghunghat. She pushes him down. She says I know, its Baa’s order not to lift the ghunghat before Mu dikhai. He smiles runs after her. ishq wala love….plays… They both laugh.

Aaghya says Emily’s ghunghat won’t help, Jaibala should really think that we are preparing for mu dikhai. Gulab says so, we got Jaman to help. Jaman gives the money to the men and say just I know you are the goons, don’t fight inside,

the family doesn’t know it, praise each other, are you ready. He gives them roles. Gulab says we will do a drama that Jaibala will feel we are doing arrangements. The man comes in and greets. Gulab says do the overacting in front of the guest, go now. Jaibala comes. Gulab calls Jaman and says send the men.

She asks what’s going on. Aaghya says there is a big mu dikhai function, something may go wrong, so we are worried. She says yes. A man comes. Gulab says he is our milkman. The man says I sell flowers, even the milkman is good.

Gulab says yes, you get 20 kgs flowers to decorate the house. He sends him. Another man comes. Gulab asks him to make the food well. The man says I m the lightman, even the cook is amazing, he makes tasty food.

Gulab asks him to fix the lights, start from outside. Gulab asks what happened to Jaman. Jaibala says everyone is praising each other’s work, are you hiding anything. Gulab asks why will we hide. Anandi asks Gunjan to do something.

Gunjan asks Jaibala to sit. She jokes on Gulab. She says Anandi explained Gulab not to talk much in front of you, you may get angry. Gulab gets angry. Gunjan asks Jaibala to go and take a bath. Jaibala says yes, one min, I didn’t understand why they were praising each other’s work. Gunjan says because of Anandi, she gave such values to entire Gondal.

Jaibala says amazing. Gunjan says go and have a bath, the water can get cold and you may fall sick, you will miss the train. Jaibala says I m going. She goes. Anandi thanks Gunjan. Gunjan says I would like to touch your feet. Anandi says you can touch. Gunjan acts. She says I m handling Jaibala because of your blessings. Anandi calls her a diamond.

Gunjan and Pinku have a talk on the terrace. Pinky gets an axe from the market. She says Emily can hit this on her foot. Gunjan scolds her. She asks Pinky to stand in front of the fan. Pinky stands with the ghunghat. Gunjan switches on the fan, and says we have to make Emily’s ghunghat fly off, this plan can never change. Gunjan acts in front of Jaibala. She says Anandi is upset that you couldn’t see her bahu’s face. She goes.

Gunjan says Baa, Jaibala can cancel her train ticket and stay here. Anandi says no, then I will lose my position, this shouldn’t happen. Gunjan asks Jaibala to have food before going. She says Baa, Jaibala is adamant to have food served by new bahu, we will agree, new bahu will be in ghunghat. Anandi nods.

Jaibala says I will have food served by new bahu, ask Anandi not to feel bad. Gunjan puts a fan near the dining table. She asks Jaibala to sit, Emily will serve the food. Pinky says wow, amazing Gunjan. Gunjan says you are thinking something to praise me. Pinky asks how did you know, shall I say. She says you change colour so soon. Gunjan says I know to spoil colours also. They smile.

Emily gets the food. The fan gets on. The ghunghat flies off Emily’s face. Everyone is shocked. Jaibala asks is your bahu a foreigner. Gunjan imagines this. She says our dream will get true. She asks Emily to come and serve the food to Jaibala. Emily asks how will I serve the food, I can’t see anything in this ghunghat.

Gunjan says fine, I will tell Anandi that you refused to serve the food, Jaibala will taunt Anandi. Aarav says Emily will serve the food, I will guide her on the phone, don’t speak anything. Emily says you are so smart. Emily comes downstairs. Aarav guides her to walk. Aaghya talks to someone. Aarav asks him to talk slowly. Emily gets hurt and says Oh my God. Jaibala hears this. Gunjan smiles.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jaibala sees Emily and says you got a foreigner bahu, its your turn, you love Gondal or your son. Anandi cries.

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Telecast Date:3rd August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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