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Anandibaa Aur Emily 31st October 2022 Episode starts with Aarav saying Riddhi will work out the plan and upset Anandi, I will show the live telecast to Emily. He calls Emily and compliments her. He says Riddhi will upset Anandi, its her first rasoi today, don’t worry, I have set everything. Jaman asks him to show.

Aarav shows them. Anandi says I don’t like chilli, didn’t you tell her. Gunjan says no. Anandi says she should have asked me, it’s a good thing that its her first rasoi, I scolded Emily, I won’t like it if Riddhi makes a mistake. Aarav says Riddhi’s first rasoi will be her last day here. Emily says you are genius Aarav. Riddhi gets the food. She asks Anandi to see, she has made her fav things.

Anandi says I would like it if its made well, what shall I eat first. Riddhi says have this dhokla first. Aarav says now mummy will shout. Anandi and Gunjan eat the food. Anandi asks what did you make. Riddhi says I have made Dhokla. Anandi says don’t worry, you have made tasty dhokla, more better than Gunjan and my handmade dishes, come, hug me, you made it so well.

Riddhi says I will first touch your feet and then hug you. Anandi smiles. She kisses her hands. She gives her gold bangles as shagun. She says its proved that my rule to fix marriages in same community can’t be wrong. Aarav and Emily get shocked. Gunjan smiles seeing Aarav. Aarav says don’t know, why this happened. Emily cries and says I will talk later. He says I have to ask Riddhi, why is she doing this. Emily cries. Jaman and Payal console her. Emily says I couldn’t please Anandi.

Jaman cheers up Emily. He says we have to think, Aarav asked Riddhi to add chilli in the food, why didn’t she add. Payal says we have to find out what she is thinking. Aarav comes to Riddhi. Riddhi sees the bangles and gets happy. He says wow, you have made tasty food, you should be a chef in a five star hotel.

She smiles. He asks why did you do this. She asks how shall I spoil my impression. He asks when will you do it, after we get married and have kids. She says no. He says you are doing this intentionally, what’s going on, you are a cheater, we had planned this. Gunjan comes and jokes.

She says you all are cheaters, Riddhi isn’t a cheater, because she loves you, everything is fair in love and war. Aarav asks why are you changing Riddhi. Gunjan says you are changing, you were an ideal son, now you are using Riddhi for your benefit, she also used you for her love. He asks why are you supporting her. She says you got Pinky ousted, now Riddhi is my younger sister, she is married to you. He asks are you both together. She says like you are with Emily,

you are fooling Anandi, forget everything and start a new life. Riddhi says I love you Aarav. Aarav says Gunjan is using you, I didn’t expect this from you, I have the fake marriage contract. Gunjan acts. She asks him to go and tell this to Anandi, you think Anandi will be get glad, I will go and tell her everything, come Riddhi. Gunjan takes Riddhi to Anandi and asks her to tell everything. Riddhi asks her to say. Gunjan says Aarav refused for marrying Riddhi. Anandi says but he already married her.

Gunjan says marriage with rituals, Riddhi wanted such marriage to get your blessings. Aarav says Gunjan is playing a big game. Gunjan says Riddhi’s dream isn’t wrong. Anandi says yes, its Riddhi’s right, she has proved that she is the bahu I have dreamt of, we will keep Riddhi and Aarav’s marriage with all the rituals, we will invite the pandit and guests, we will decorate the house and make many food dishes. Riddhi thanks her. Gunjan says we will ask Aarav once, if he refuses after we spend so much then… Anandi says he will never refuse to me, I m his mum and dad also, he will marry, it will happen as Riddhi wants. Gunjan says yes, you can’t go against your word, we will go to pandit. She smiles seeing Aarav. They go. Aarav gets angry seeing Riddhi.

Jaman talks to the lawyer. He says you can extend the visa in India, they have to get marriage certificate. Payal says we will make it. He says it takes time, registrar Jadeja will do it. Payal says Anandi will make divorce certificate. Jaman says Jadeja won’t know that Emily is Anandi’s bahu, we will bribe him.

Aarav gets Riddhi to room and scolds her. They argue. She says I have always loved you, Aarav, you just saw America that time and now American. He says I just love Emily. She says I loved you before, so I should get you. He says Emily knows love means sacrificing also, she trusted you. She says then ask her to sacrifice you, you are just mine. He says I will bring the sake marriage contract in front of mum, I will burn in the fire of love and burn you too.

Anandibaa Aur Emily 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi scolds Gunjan for breaking her trust. She says Emily is better than you, your game is over, Gunjan, get out of this house.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
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