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Anandibaa Aur Emily 26th October 2022 Episode starts with Riddhi seeing the showpiece and smiling. Payal says I think you liked it, sorry, Aarav got this for Emily, I will get the same showpiece for you. Riddhi says no, I don’t want anything now.

Payal says I will write the hospital name if you tell me. Emily comes and says Riddhi must have forgotten it. Payal says her cheque won’t pass. Riddhi tells the hospital name. She says dad is in general ward.

Pinky says we will get rich today. She dances. She asks Gunjan to take the money. Gunjan steals the money. Pinky says the notes have some powder on it. They hear Jaman murmuring in sleep. Gunjan says we will go, forget it. Emily calls Aarav. Aarav wakes up and sees the time. He says its 8pm,

I slept for 6 hours. He wakes up Jaman and says its 8pm. Jaman asks how did this happen, we were going out, how did we sleep. Aarav says Gunjan and Pinky might have done this, check the bag, money is there or not. They check the bag. Jaman says three bundles are missing, I think they mixed some sleeping pill in the tea, I lost the money, how will we prove it now. Aarav says I will call Emily.

He calls Emily and says Gunjan and Pinky are clever, they spiked the tea and made us fall asleep, they have stolen the money, I will go and ask them. She says don’t worry, I have plan B. She recalls adding the itching powder.

Aarav says whoever will steal the notes will get itching, we will know who is the thief. Payal says don’t take Gunjan lightly, she will steal the money. Aarav says the effect will be for 7-8 hours. FB ends. Jaman keeps the bag. Gunjan hides the money. She says Anandi doesn’t check this place, its safe. Pinky says yes, I got itching.

They get itching. Aarav shouts about the theft. Everyone comes. Aarav and Jaman tell about the money stolen. Gunjan and Pinky worry. Aarav says I don’t know about the money, but three bundles are missing. Anandi asks who has stolen the money, when Riddhi isn’t here. Aarav says the thief has framed Riddhi. Anandi asks who can do this. Aarav says I want to ask once, who has stolen the money,

there is a way to catch the thief, whoever has stolen the money would get itching right now. Gunjan and Pinky worry. They all show their hands. Anandi says no one has itching here, you should have not got money here. Aarav says Jaman wanted to keep the money here. Gulab asks Gunjan and Pinky why did they stand like this. Gunjan says rat, and distracts them. She covers up. Pinky says make some excuse again, so that we can do itching. Gunjan says the rat is there.

Anandi says the money got stolen, you are talking about a rat. Gunjan says we have much work, you handle this. Gunjan and Pinky run away. Anandi asks Aarav to check again, don’t call the police. Aarav asks what if we don’t find the money. She says then it means money is stolen, I want to know who did this.

Aaghya asks who might have stolen the money. Gulab asks do you doubt on me. Aaghya says no. Aarav calls Emily. She asks did plan B work. Aarav says they are clever, they were having itching, they controlled it well. Jaman says they did the itching by shouting rat. Aarav says our plan B failed. Emily says don’t worry, we have plan C. Jaman asks what’s this. Aarav says we have to make Pinky confess the crime,

she is innocent. Payal says Gunjan will not leave Pinky alone, be careful. Jaman says you separate them and I will talk to Pinky. Aarav says you separate them, I will talk to her. Payal asks them to go and see what Gunjan is doing. Pinky says I will sit in the fridge to get rid of itching. Gunjan says stop, else we will get caught. Pinky says I m getting itching on back also.

Gunjan says I think the effect won’t go till some days. Pinky says you don’t listen to us. Gunjan says we are trapped, don’t tell them that we have stolen the money. Aarav asks them to come out. Gunjan asks Pinky not to do itching in front of them. They go out. Anandi asks did you get the money. Aarav says no. She asks who has stolen the money. Aarav says there is a way to catch the thief.

He shows the chemical. He says the itching powder won’t go out easily, we have to put hands in this chemical, whoever have the itching powder on their hands will have red colour on their hands.

Gunjan says he is fooling us. Anandi asks why are you doubting family. Aarav says Jaman’s dad called the police, we have to find the thief. He asks Jaman to put the hands first. Jaman says you don’t trust me. Aarav says no. Jaman puts his hands and says see, it didn’t turn red. He asks Aarav to put his hands, he also lies to Anandi. Aarav puts his hands. Aaghya stops Anandi. She says we have to give this test together.

Everyone puts their hands. Gulab asks is the thief is caught then. Aarav says then thief has to go to jail. He asks Gunjan and Pinky to come. Gunjan says don’t worry, he is scaring us. Pinky worries. She says no, I won’t put my hands. Aarav asks why.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav and Riddhi come home. Aarav says Riddhi was going to commit suicide, so I saved her life and married her. Anandi makes Riddhi out of the house.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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