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Anandibaa Aur Emily 26th July 2022 Episode starts with Emily saying I have done this before. Anandi asks Emily to try it again. Aarav guides Emily. He gets scared and jumps. Emily breaks the coconut near his feet. She says I did this, I completed the rasam. Anandi says no, look there, its past sunset, Emily couldn’t complete this fast on time,

and now she has to leave the house. Gunjan and Pinky smile. Anandi asks Jaman to keep Emily’s bags in his hotel. Jaman takes Emily’s bag. Kanchan says she had done all the rituals. Anandi says I won’t listen to anything, she didn’t do it on time, she lost this chance, I won’t change my decision.

Gulab gets Parimal’s call. He says I will come to meet you at the ashram. Anandi hears him. She asks what, is it Amavasya Beej.

Kanchan says we do this fast after 15 days on Poornima Beej. Aaghya says it means we didn’t have to keep the fast today, its after 15 days. Gunjan says it means Emily won’t go. Kanchan says justice should happen. Anandi stops Emily. Gunjan gets sad.

Anandi says she will stay here. Emily gets glad. She says its good rehearsal, I will keep the fast after 15 days, I guess your love has stopped me. Anandi gives the list to Pinky. She says Gunjan has done 14 mistakes,

ask her to be ready with the right reasons, else her bahu puja won’t happen next time. Pinky goes to Gunjan. She says you got caught for the first time.

She asks Gunjan to apologize to Anandi, and get some scolding. Gunjan says you know me, she will come and praise me, just see. She sees Anandi coming. She says Emily is a foreigner, its unfair that Emily understands our customs,

I make mistakes intentionally so that Anandi thinks that if I can make mistakes, then Emily can also make mistakes, I can lose some of my qualities if Emily can’t gain the qualities. Anandi smiles and calls her out. Gunjan acts. She turns and sees Anandi.

Anandi says you are so great, you have a big heart, so I worship you, but Emily’s line won’t get bigger if your line gets short, Emily has to come a part of the family by her capability, I m proud that you are my bahu, you are the best bahu. Gunjan takes her blessings. Anandi asks her to stay happy and goes. Gunjan smiles.

Pinky says you have changed the game, you are amazing. Gunjan says I will take revenge on Emily, she got much loss for us, I will see her during the real Kul sindoor fast. Anandi asks Indu why did she get the dhokla for her. Indu says it’s a neighbor’s duty. Anandi asks Gunjan to get the pickles. Gunjan says I will get it in 30mins. Anandi asks why. Gunjan says my hands are sticky, I m cutting the jackfruit. Anandi says my bahu is so hardworking.

Pinky praises her beauty and takes a selfie. Anandi asks her to get the kitchen. Pinky says I will get it in 20mins, I m doing Gayatri mantra jaap. Anandi smiles. Pinky lies about the 2000 times jaap. Anandi asks Kanchan to get the pickles. Kanchan gets crying on her fate. Anandi says I will get it. Emily gets the pickles jar.

Anandi gets angry and calls everyone. She says I don’t like Emily doing my work. Gunjan asks how did she get the pickles container, when she isn’t permitted to go to the kitchen. Anandi says you broke the rules. Emily says but baby, I was following Baa’s word. Aarav says baby, you didn’t take her permission.

Anandi asks them to stop calling each other baby. Aarav says we will follow the Gujarati customs, we will be babyda and babydi from now. Gunjan asks Emily how did she step in the kitchen. Emily says I didn’t step. Gunjan asks did you fly and go, where are your kings. Pinky says maybe she got it from the market.

Emily says no. Anandi smells the pickles and says its my pickles, you are saying you didn’t step in the kitchen, tell me, how did you get it, I will call Mridula and send you back to America if you made any mistake this time. Gunjan keeps the pickle jar on the shelf, and asks Emily to take the jar without stepping inside the kitchen.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan and everyone get shocked seeing Emily going to take the jar by hanging on a rope. Gunjan says Jaibala Kaki is coming. Anandi asks what, I have to break Aarav and Emily’s marriage to save my position. Aarav hears this.

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Telecast Date:26th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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