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Anandibaa Aur Emily 25th October 2022 Episode starts with Aarav saying I mean my enemies will get ruined. Anandi says yes, Gunjan is so nice. He asks did you get any nice girl. She says I will get your marriage done when the kundlis match. He says yes, we can’t see who is in front of us. He goes.

Gunjan says he is a heartbroken lover, get him married soon. Anandi asks Pandit what did Aarav say. Pandit says kundlis aren’t matching. Gunjan asks him to check well. Aarav comes to Jaman and asks about murder’s punishment. Jaman tells him and says everyone is asking me since they got to know about Gunjan.

Emily and Riddhi ask Aarav not to get angry. He says Emily should have asked me to tell the truth to mum. Emily says its not easy, we have no proof. Jaman says we have to catch her red-handed, else Anandi won’t trust you. Emily says I have a solid plan. Pandit says impossible, I m seeing such perfect kundli after a long time, kundli is matching. Anandi asks who is that girl. He says Pinky.

She asks who. Gunjan says our Pinky, her kundli matched. Anandi asks how did it come here. Pinky says Gunjan kept it. Gunjan says I think you had kept the kundli. Anandi says no. Gunjan says you stay in stress, you asked me to keep Pinky’s kundli in drawer. Anandi says last time, the kundli didn’t match.

Pinky says Gunjan made it again. Gunjan says I had corrected the time in the kundli. Anandi says you know how timing is imp in kundli. Gunjan says yes, I confirmed the time by asking mum and dad. She laughs. Aarav waits for Emily. She comes and shows the money. She says I went to the bank. She tells her plan.

He says it’s a good plan. Emily says we will take the money to Aarav’s house and spread the news about it, then they will try to steal it, we will make a video. He says enough, I will make the video, Gunjan will steal, their end is close now. He asks Jaman not to overact, Gunjan is smart. They see Gunjan. Aarav asks where is mum. She says she went to market. He asks her to make tea for them. Jaman says its your house, but you got lakhs of money home. She hears about the money.

Aarav says she is hearing this. He asks Jaman how many lakhs is it. Jaman says 50 lakhs. Aarav says I will keep it in my room, your dad will come and take it in morning. He asks Gunjan to send tea to the room. She says I will send it, will you eat anything. He asks for bhajiya. They go. She says lakhs of rupees are there in the bag. Payal says I can’t believe Gunjan can do this. Emily says yes, I m upset.

Payal says Emily used to idolize Gunjan, always remember, whatever happens is for the own good, we don’t have to do this marriage drama now if Gunjan’s truth is exposed, Anandi will accept Emily. Riddhi says its good, Aarav and Emily will unite soon, I will pray that this happens. Emily hugs her and thanks. Payal thinks Emily is innocent and trusting Riddhi. Jaman asks how did you like my acting.

Aarav says good. He talks to Emily on call. Jaman sees Gunjan and Pinky. He asks Aarav to end the call. Gunjan asks Pinky to give the tea and snacks, and see where Aarav kept the bag. Pinky says don’t make any mistake. Gunjan says don’t worry. She hears Jaman and Aarav talking.

Jaman and Aarav start acting. Aarav asks where are they, they didn’t come. Jaman says they were there. Aarav asks what plan did she go to make. Pinky says you got me here, Aarav will leave me, I can’t live without him. Gunjan says you don’t listen to me, shut up now, I m finding sleeping pills.

She adds the pills in the tea. Pinky says you are doing wrong, I m not so bad, I don’t want Aarav to marry me in unconscious state. Gunjan says they will fall asleep and we will steal few lakhs from the bag, no one will doubt us. Pinky says wow, I felt you are cunning, I was wrong, you are very clever. They laugh. Emily gets tea. Riddhi joins the gift. Emily says Aarav gave it to me, it broke.

Riddhi says everything joins when we try, Jaman told me that Aarav gave this gift to you, so I wanted to join this and give it to you, you all won’t need me now, thanks. Emily asks why. Riddhi says you trusted me, its not easy. Payal says I don’t trust Riddhi. Pinky gets the tea and bhajiyas. Aarav and Jaman eat it.

Gunjan says you won’t get a girl like Pinky. Jaman says I told Aarav the same. Pinky says Aarav and my jodi is perfect. They drink the tea. Gunjan thinks Jaman is Emily’s devotee, why is he saying this about Pinky, there is something. Aarav says we have to go out for some time, tell Anandi that money is in the cupboard. Aarav and Jaman fall asleep. Gunjan and Pinky smile.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav and Riddhi come home. Aarav says Riddhi was going to commit suicide, so I saved her life and married her. Anandi makes Riddhi out of the house.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
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