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Anandibaa Aur Emily 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Pinky saying I got chocolates for you, Aarav ji, I will get imported chocolates for you when I go to Rajkot with Gunjan. He thinks she is so innocent, can she do such a thing. He asks for her hand. She asks him to ask Gunjan for her hand. He checks her bracelet.

Gunjan looks on and thinks I m ahead of you. Aarav asks did your bracelet break. Pinky says no, shall I break, do you want to surprise me and get bracelet for me, get A alphabet for me, A for Aarav. She asks Pinky to go from here. Pinky asks why, you go. Gunjan says just go. Pinky goes. Gunjan says you didn’t do this right, you doubted her, she is innocent, she isn’t a thief. He says sorry, forgive me. He goes.

Riddhi keeps her phone and goes. Payal unlocks her phone and checks. She keeps it back when Riddhi comes. Riddhi says I forgot my phone, I will go. Payal says Mridula made a cheque ready for you, take it. Riddhi says I think you doubt me, I don’t want money, I will help Aarav and Emily. Payal says no, I can’t see Emily in trouble,

I don’t want her to get cheated, tell me the hospital name to write in cheque. Riddhi says write it on my name. Payal asks why, you have to give the cheque to the hospital. Riddhi says there are many expenses to make, give the cheque on my name. She goes to answer a call. Aarav calls Emily. Emily asks did Pinky frame Riddhi. He says no. She asks did Riddhi steal it. He says no, she can’t do this. Anandi comes. He keeps the phone and goes.

Emily asks where did you go Aarav. Aarav signs the papers. Anandi smiles. She asks why are you upset, I didn’t force you for this, did Emily threaten you. He says no, its nothing like that. Emily waits for him and stays on call. Gunjan and Pinky come on the terrace and talk. Gunjan says your bracelet broke, its good Aarav told me about it and I called you. She recalls calling Pinky and asking her to wear the same new bracelet.

Pinky says we got saved now, I got the same bracelet from the shop. Emily gets shocked. Gunjan says it was so easy to fool Aarav. Pinky says yes, you are very clever, you made Emily and Riddhi out. Gunjan says yes, I have to make you this house’s choti bahu, it was hard to make Emily out, we tried hard, but it was easy to make Riddhi out. They go from there. Emily recalls Gunjan and Pinky fooling her.

Anandi serves a pandit. She asks him to check the kundali. He says no, I can’t do this sin, I don’t want to go to jail by getting child marriage done, Teni is young. Anandi says no, I m talking about my son’s second marriage. He says this had to happen, I knew Gunjan is cunning. Gunjan and Pinky look on.

Anandi says I m talking about Aarav, his marriage broke. He says its impossible, I matched their kundalis, their marriage can’t break. She asks him to check the girls’ kundalis and match it with Aarav’s kundali. He says okay. Aarav says I forgot to disconnect the call, the phone got hanged. Emily says phone didn’t hang, I m here.

He says you didn’t disconnect the call. She says it happened for the good, I got to know something. She tells him everything. He is shocked. He says I don’t understand, we all trusted Gunjan a lot. She says Anandi is against me because of Gunjan. He says I will go and tell Anandi. She says no, come here, we will plan it together. He says okay, I will come.

Gunjan gets angry. She throws things. Pinky catches it. She asks her not to get angry, anger harms us. Gunjan says wow, you are getting sensible, and Anandi is getting foolish, she is getting others’ kundali matched. Pinky says maybe because of Aarav’s kundali dosh. Gunjan says I have made your right kundali. Pinky says its false like you. Gunjan says I know what to do, we have to see, we have to mix this kundalis with other kundalis. Payal asks Emily what happened to her.

Emily asks what is murder punishment in India. Payal asks why are you asking this. Jaman says its 20 years. Emily asks for breaking head. Jaman says 7 years. She asks for breaking leg. He says 2 years. Payal asks why are you saying such things, don’t do anything such. Riddhi asks on whom are you so angry. Emily says Gunjan and Pinky. Riddhi asks why. Emily says you don’t know about them, they had framed you. She tells everything. They are shocked.

Payal says I m ready to go to jail for 20 years, I will not leave Gunjan and Pinky. Emily says I just said it. Riddhi says I never thought that Gunjan will do planning and plotting against Emily and me. Jaman says Anandi praises Gunjan always. Pandit checks the kundalis. Anandi asks for perfect match. Gunjan comes and drops the kundalis. She keeps Pinky’s kundali. She says sorry, I got dizzy, I had kept fast for your long life. Anandi blesses her and says don’t know how will I get such bahu for Aarav. Aarav comes and says yes, I want someone like Gunjan, then no one can stop me from getting ruined. Anandi asks what.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav and Riddhi come home. Aarav says Riddhi was going to commit suicide, so I saved her life and married her. Anandi makes Riddhi out of the house.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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