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Anandibaa Aur Emily 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 24th August 2022 Episode starts with Emily asking Pinky why is he calling her Bhabhi. Pinky says I don’t know. The lady says I m so happy that I got my bahu. She wards off the bad sight. She dances and does Garba. Anandi stops her. The lady says my bahu was staying in your house. Anandi says she is my bahu.

The lady says I know every bahu of Gondal is your bahu. Harsha’s neighbor Jalpa introduce themselves. She says we will take Emily now. Harsha says I got my bahu after many days, I will get her with band, baaja, baraat. Anandi says I don’t understand what’s happening, come inside and talk.

Harsha asks Malinga to go and call Chirag, he will get mad happily. Payal questions Emily. Anandi says Emily said she doesn’t know anything. Payal says it means marriage didn’t happen. Aarav sees the time and worries. Harsha says I have pain in right leg, even then I used to walk on left leg and find my bahu.

Gunjan asks how did this happen. Harsha reminds Anandi about her bahu who ran away from the Lagan sabha. Anandi says I don’t remember. Harsha says I remember it well. Jalpa says Chirag’s wife ran away, he got so upset, he went to commit suicide.

Harsha cries. Jalpa says control your emotions, we explained Chirag to come down, Emily came there and saved him like a fairy. Emily says this is false, I didn’t say this. Aarav asks Anandi to make them leave.

Harsha says my son is not able to walk, he is on wheelchair. Malinga gets Chirag on the wheelchair. Aarav gets upset seeing their drama. He says I will miss my flight, just leave. Harsha says just show Emily’s face to my son once, maybe he stands on his feet, she is his life’s biggest happiness. Gulab asks what, really, if I make him meet his happiness,

then I will get blessing. Aarav asks are you on their side or mine. He says I m like a dry leaf, I go wherever the wind takes me. He takes Chirag to Emily. Jaman asks Aarav not to worry, he is a hero, he will catch the flight.

Emily says I don’t know any Chirag, I m not married. Anandi asks why are they saying so. Harsha asks Chirag to see Emily. She says I m sure my bahu will come and make my son fine. She asks Harsha to just see Emily.

Chirag sees Emily. He moves his hands. Malinga and Harsha get happy seeing his recovery. Chirag smiles and shouts Emily. He stands on his feet. He runs to Emily. Emily hides behind Aarav. Jaman asks Chirag to calm down. Gunjan and Pinky laugh.

Aarav scolds Chirag. Harsha says Emily is Chirag’s wife, he is her husband, accept this. Jaman asks Aarav what’s happening. Gunjan says this time, universe is with us. Harsha thanks Anandi for keeping her deposit safe. Emily says my marriage didn’t happen with this guy.

Payal says Chirag is smiling as if he got a lottery. Harsha says yes, I will show everyone that I got a beautiful bahu, I will come with band, baaja and get my bahu. Emily scolds Chiraj. She gets angry. Harsha says you will know it soon, I m dying to have the burger from your hands, Gujarati food don’t suit me.

She dances. They leave. Emily says my marriage didn’t happen with Chirag. Aarav asks what’s happening, Emily is married to me, you all have called them home. Anandi says they didn’t give me a chance to speak. Jaman says even you didn’t speak. Aarav goes to talk. Anandi worries. Kanchan asks her not to worry. She asks Emily did her marriage happen with anyone, who is her first husband.

Emily says Aarav is my husband and I m his wife. Anandi asks Kanchan to take Emily to the room. Gunjan asks Anandi where is she going. Anandi says I m going to explain them. Gunjan says I want to talk. Aarav and Jaman stop them. Jalpa says we know it, we will get shagun for Emily. Aarav questions them. Aarav says Emily is my wife, we were going to America for pagphere. Harsha says it means Chirag will get sorrow again. She cries.

Gulab says don’t worry, Aarav and Emily got married, but they stay in different rooms. Malinga says it means they have no husband and wife relation. Jaman asks on whose side are you. Gulab says I will say the truth, Anandi didn’t accept Emily as her bahu, Emily stays here as a guest. Harsha says I will come tomorrow to take Emily.

Gulab says I will come along and help you. Harsha asks him to come. They leave. Aarav says they didn’t let me ask anything. Jaman says they left. Aarav gets frustrated. Jaman says we will go after them and ask them, we will get a new ticket after few days. Gunjan says we won’t get a chance to get rid of Emily. Anandi says yes, but marriage is right even today, I will make Emily leave if the proof against her is true.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harsha says Emily got married to Chirag before. Anandi argues. She takes a stand for Emily.

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Telecast Date:24th August 2022
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