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Anandibaa Aur Emily 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 22nd October 2022 Episode starts with Anandi asking Gunjan to keep the money, they have to give it to NGO lady. Riddhi gets the churan and impresses Anandi. Anandi blesses her and asks how is your dad now, did you talk to your mum. Gunjan asks how is he. Riddhi says he needs time to recover.

Anandi says I m worried for Aarav. Riddhi says no, don’t worry, I have come, I won’t let anything happen to you. Anandi says yes, he will tell you his feelings, I m going to take decision about Aarav’s remarriage, don’t tell him. Riddhi says okay, did you see any girl. Anandi smiles and says I will tell everything,

Emily should sign the divorce papers first. Riddhi says fine, have the churan. Gunjan stares at Riddhi. Emily signs the papers and asks Aarav to sign, don’t worry, its fake papers. Aarav asks fake papers, they look real, you did good, mum will think we got divorced and she will get peace. She says we are always together. They smile.

Gunjan says you remember everything about Anandi, just I give the churan to Anandi. Riddhi says yes, you were busy today, so I thought to help you. Gunjan says you help a lot, I want some help, NGO people are coming, we have to give the old clothes, open that cupboard. Pinky comes inside the room and puts the cash in Riddhi’s purse.

Aarav says don’t know I m not liking this. Emily says yes, I feel bad for Riddhi. He says we are helpless to do this, once mum accepts you then all the problem will end. Jaman says you have to sign the contract papers with Riddhi. Aarav says she is our friend, we don’t need this. Jaman says yes, but this is for safety.

Anandi asks Gunjan to get the money. Gunjan gets it. Anandi asks the ladies to count it, its 5 lakhs. The lady says its 3 lakhs. Gunjan says I had kept it in my room, just Riddhi came there, you can check my room. Riddhi says I got the clothes for the NGO, I m going out, what’s the matter. Gunjan says 2 lakhs are missing. Anandi asks Riddhi to go. Gunjan asks Riddhi to check her bag once, it’s a big amount, check my room and Pinky’s room too.

Riddhi says okay fine, check my bag too. Gunjan checks the purse. She gets the money. Riddhi and Anandi are shocked. Anandi gives the money to the ladies and asks them to take the old clothes also. The ladies leave. Anandi says I was thinking to make you part of this family and Aarav’s life, you have stolen the money, such a big cheat. Riddhi says no, I didn’t steal it. Gunjan asks her to lie something well. Riddhi says I m not lying. Gunjan says she broke your trust, give her to police. Riddhi says no, I didn’t steal.

Gunjan says I will call the police. Anandi says stop Gunjan, I m leaving Riddhi because Riddhi’s dad is in the hospital. Gunjan asks Riddhi to leave before Anandi’s mood changes. Pinky says when I got to know about Riddhi, I have packed Riddhi’s clothes, she can go out from here itself. Riddhi cries and leaves.

Aarav comes to meet Emily. Jaman says you just met 2 mins back. Aarav says 2 mins appear like 2 years for me, I missed her and came back. Emily smiles. Aarav says when she gets shy, she looks like Indian bahu. Jaman says yes, Indian bahu also shows attitude. Emily says yes. Aarav says one shouldn’t show attitude to husband. Jaman asks what’s the work. Aarav asks can we take some money as loan. Jaman says no, loan interest is high. Aarav says we have to give 10 lakhs to Riddhi. Emily says I have it. Jaman says we had discussed this with Emily. Aarav asks how shall I take it from Emily. He says I can’t take it from you.

Mridula tears the cheque. She says Aarav can’t take money from Emily. Jaman says I spoke to Mridula about the money. Aarav says don’t tell everyone. Jaman says Mridula is ready to give money. Mridula gives a cheque and says don’t refuse. Jaman thanks her. She says I have to go back to America today. Emily and Aarav asks why didn’t you tell us, we need you. Payal comes and says I have come to help Emily.

She introduces herself to Mridula. Jaman says think of Anandi, she would get angry if she knows this. Payal scolds him. Aarav says we have to hide this from Anandi. Payal says yes, keep my arrival a secret. Gunjan asks Pinky to console her. She acts to cry. Pinky asks her to not cry. Anandi asks what happened.

Gunjan says Riddhi cheated you, Anandi is so innocent, its good she just robbed the money, if she was a murderer and killed Anandi, then I would have become an orphan. Anandi says no, forget it. Gunjan says I was so happy that Aarav’s life will get better with Riddhi, I was going to make her wear bangles,

but she broke my heart. Anandi says its good we got to see her truth. Aaghya comes and says I don’t think Riddhi is a bad girl and did the theft. Anandi asks what are you saying, you didn’t take my permission. He says sorry.

Gulab says Riddhi can’t be a thief. Anandi says if I can get cheated, you can get cheated too, its good her truth came out, I will find out a good alliance for Aarav, where is Aarav. Gunjan says he stays outside the house, we shouldn’t forget that Emily is also here. Anandi says make a video call to Aarav. Gunjan calls Aarav. Aarav says its mum’s video call, if mum knows I m with Emily, then she will know the truth, what shall I do.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav and Riddhi come home. Aarav says Riddhi was going to commit suicide, so I saved her life and married her. Anandi makes Riddhi out of the house.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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