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Anandibaa Aur Emily 21st July 2022 Episode starts with Anandi saying you have to keep the fast. Emily asks will you get happy and accept me, if I keep the fast well. Anandi says don’t know, if you make any mistake then you will get the exit.

Gunjan smiles. Aarav says how shall I ask Emily for papers. Emily comes and says I m keeping the fast for your long life. He says no need, don’t keep. She says your culture is my culture now, so I will keep the fast.

He says fine, I will also keep a fast for your long life. She asks really, I m so happy, we are finally acting like equals, like a real couple. The paper flies off. She picks it and checks. She asks what is this, its not in English, so I can’t read it.

He says yes, you can’t read hindi. He says I have to apply for American visa to enter your heart, will you let me enter, there are no documents for heart. Emily says how romantic. He lies further.

She says you write so well, you assured me that you love me, I will keep the fast. He smiles. Later, Aarav sees Emily and screams. Everyone comes and asks what happened. Emily says don’t know. They also see the red colour on her face and scream. Anandi asks what happened. She also screams seeing Emily.

She says they will shock us, what’s this face. Emily asks why, did I do anything wrong. Gulab says everyone is wrong, you have put sindoor on your face and became a ladies monkey. Emily says I have checked on internet.

Anandi says she and her internet will create a mess. Gulab asks Emily to think well before using internet. Emily says sorry. Anandi says ask us if you want. She asks Gunjan to make tea for Emily. Gunjan goes.

Pinky puts the tea ingredients in the pan. Gunjan asks who will boil it. Pinky says you didn’t ask me to boil it, you learn to advise me right, you always blame me. Gunjan asks her to just watch. She lights the stove. Gunjan says we have to add this sleeping pill/medicine in the tea. Pinky asks does gold has any medicine. Gunjan says I mean sleeping pill, we will give this to Emily. She acts like Emily.

She says it will happen as we want. She asks Gunjan to give her the left side cup, else Emily can say that she got sleepy after having the tea. Pinky calls her chameleon. Pinky gets tea. Anandi says two cups. Gunjan says its my duty to support her. Pinky gets hurt and sits. Emily gives the tea tray to Kanchan. The tea tray keeps on passing. Gunjan gets confused. She thinks which is my cup in this. Anandi asks Gunjan to drink.

Pinky takes the tray back and signs Gunjan. She asks Emily to take the right side cup. Gunjan says no. she takes the right side cup and drinks the tea. Emily also drinks the tea. She holds her head. Pinky smiles. Anandi says she held her head. Gunjan says don’t know, medicine is affecting whom. Pinky worries.

Anandi gives the dhoop to everyone. She says Emily can’t keep this fast. Kanchan says halwa got burnt. Maid says Emily is affecting Gunjan also. Anandi asks Gunjan to get tea for her. Gunjan laughs. Anandi asks are you fine. Gunjan says yes. Anandi makes Emily do Aarav’s aarti.

Kanchan says I will explain her about Nirjala fast. She explains Emily. Gulab also explains the rituals to Emily. Anandi says we have to tie a blindfold and break this pot, if you can’t do this, then return to your place.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi asks Emily to break the pot. Emily breaks many things, being blindfold.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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