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Anandibaa Aur Emily 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 20th October 2022 Episode starts with Jaman saying I have an idea, Riddhi can play your fake wife, marry her fakely. Aarav says no, she is my friend, find some actor. Jaman says no, the actor can ask for more money or change her stand, Riddhi is the best option. Aarav says no. Riddhi hears them and says idea is not bad,

I can do this for you. Aarav says no, it’s a bad idea. Riddhi says give me a chance to pay for the favour, Anandi also likes me, if you don’t trust me, then its okay. Jaman says we trust you. Aarav says Emily, idea isn’t bad, our plan will succeed. Emily says I have no problem. He thanks and hugs Riddhi.

Riddhi says I can never pay back your favor, but I can do this to save your relation. She asks Emily why are you in stress. She says talk and decide. She goes out. Jaman also goes. Aarav says we have no other option. Emily says Riddhi can get stuck in a problem. He says Riddhi came to help us, we have told her the truth, our intention isn’t wrong, stop thinking, just agree.

Anandi asks Gunjan to call Aarav. Gunjan says its not connecting, Mridula may take Aarav as ghar jamai. Anandi says I trust Aarav and he trusts me knowing my anger. Gulab taunts Anandi. Aarav comes home hurt. Riddhi gets him. Gunjan thinks Riddhi is going ahead in much speed. Mridula asks Jaman do you know Riddhi well. Jaman asks why do you want to know about her. He tells about Riddhi’s details.

Emily comes and asks what happened. Jaman says Mridula is worrying for you. He asks Mridula not to worry, good people meet good ones, I m so sincere, everyone praises me, we know you have raised Emily well. He asks Mridula not to worry more, and not take tension of Riddhi. Mridula says he knows me well. Emily asks Jaman not to joke on Mridula. He says sorry and goes. Aarav says its paining a lot. Anandi asks why did you get hurt. Aarav recalls explaining Riddhi their plan. He acts in front of the family. Anandi asks how did you get hurt. Aarav says I collided with a cycle, but I got saved, I was going to collide with a truck, don’t ask how. Anandi says you decide, we have to ask you or not. Aarav says I will tell you, I won’t lie, I see Emily everywhere, a truck was coming, I thought Emily is sitting over the truck, I was going towards the truck, Riddhi came there and saved me from the truck, she pulled me, I collided with the cycle and fell over rocks, I got hurt. He holds Riddhi’s hand.

He says my life is your favor. Gunjan says Riddhi is running ahead of you. Pinky jokes. Gunjan says something is wrong here. Anandi praises Riddhi. Riddhi says you are like my mum. Anandi says your parents would be proud of you, tell your dad to ask our help if he wants. Riddhi says my mum is with my dad, I have come here for work, I had less money so I stayed in Dharamshala.

Anandi asks her to get her bags, she will stay here. She asks Gunjan to treat Riddhi well. Gunjan says sure. Riddhi thanks Anandi. Aarav smiles. Riddhi says I will go and get the bags. Emily thinks of Aarav and cries. Jaman asks her to please sign the papers, it’s a fake drama to unite her with Aarav. Mridula asks Emily didn’t you sign it. Emily says no. Mridula asks her not to sign the divorce papers.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The lady says this money is less. Gunjan says no one came here expect Riddhi, 2 lakhs are missing. Riddhi asks her to check the bag. Gunjan gets the money from Riddhi’s bag. Anandi is shocked. Emily asks Aarav to sign the divorce papers.

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Telecast Date:20th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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