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Anandibaa Aur Emily 19th October 2022 Episode starts with Mridula scolding Aarav. Emily says don’t scold him, I asked him to choose his mum. He says its my problem, I love my mum and Emily, I can’t leave them and can’t keep them together. Mridula says I will drag Anandi to the court, she cheated Emily. Emily says no, I want to win her heart. Mridula says understand it, Anandi won’t melt her heart, there is no way now.

Aarav says there is one way, Emily don’t sign the divorce papers, mum can’t get me remarried. Mridula says Emily will be troubled. Emily says I won’t give him divorce but he will get remarried. Anandi says Gunjan does all the work. Gunjan asks her to keep bhog. Anandi says you are here, then who is doing the puja there. Pinky turns and smiles. Anandi smiles seeing her. She takes the aarti. Anandi says I couldn’t identify you, why did she dress up like you.

Gunjan says she said you love me, she wants you to love her also, she wants to become like me. Pinky says yes. Anandi says I love you already. Gunjan says touch Anandi’s feet. Anandi blesses Pinky and says you look like Gunjan’s shadow. Aarav asks what are you saying, you are asking me to remarry.

Emily says yes, you will marry an Indian girl, Anandi will get troubled and realize that a foreign bahu is good. Mridula says it’s a nonsense plan. Emily says its good. Aarav says yes, the plan is solid, no, this can’t happen. Mridula says its not a game. Emily says it will be a fake marriage. He asks where will I find such a girl who can help us. Gunjan says I will get Anandi here, the garlands will fall in your neck in this way. She shows her. She says Anandi will get happy,

I will tell her that its Lord’s wish, Anandi will accept you as the Choti bahu. They dance. Gunjan gets Anandi to the temple. She says pandit said, Aarav’s bad time is going on, he isn’t able to decide. Anandi says yes, did he say some solution. Gunjan says yes, he said an unmarried girl has to keep fast for Aarav.

Anandi asks how will we get the girl. Gunjan says Pinky kept the fast, she didn’t eat anything since morning, Aarav’s problems won’t end. Anandi says fine, but until Emily goes, how can any girl come in Aarav’s life. Gunjan says his life will get better when a new girl comes in his life, Lord will give you a hint, you have to understand this. Anandi prays.

Riddhi comes and talks to them. She says I thought to take your blessing, I have come for imp work. Anandi asks what work. Riddhi says sorry, I can’t say it now. Anandi says its fine, take blessings. Pinky says no, I will take blessing first. Gunjan says yes, she kept a fast. The garland falls over Riddhi’s neck. Anandi smiles. Riddhi asks shall I meet Aarav. Pinky says Aarav is married to Emily, she is a foreigner. Gunjan says but they are getting divorced now.

Jaman says I can’t do this. Riddhi comes there and greets them. He introduces Emily to her. Riddhi talks to them nicely and goes. Riddhi’s phone rings. They find it fallen there. Aarav says its Riddhi’s phone. He answers the call. The man asks Riddhi to come, he is waiting for her at the court.

They all go to the family court. Gunjan says sorry, water fell by mistake. Anandi says its okay, go and get water. Gunjan gets the water. Anandi says Riddhi has touched my feet and flowers showered, we should consider her for Aarav, she will make her place in his heart.

Aarav and Emily come to the court, and see Riddhi marrying some old man. Aarav stops Riddhi from signing the papers. Gunjan says I will remove Riddhi’s pics from the album, Anandi wants Aarav to marry Riddhi. Pinky comes.

She jokes on Gunjan. Gunjan says I feel some bad omen. Aarav says you can’t marry that man. Riddhi says its my life, who are you to stop me. He says I m your friend, I can see you are helpless. She says I need money for dad’s treatment, this man is giving me money, so I m marrying him. Emily says I will give you money, don’t spoil your life. Riddhi says you don’t even know me. Emily says you are Aarav’s friend. Aarav says come with us. Riddhi thanks them. Jaman gets an idea.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The lady says this money is less. Gunjan says no one came here expect Riddhi, 2 lakhs are missing. Riddhi asks her to check the bag. Gunjan gets the money from Riddhi’s bag. Anandi is shocked. Emily asks Aarav to sign the divorce papers.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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