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Anandibaa Aur Emily 10th October 2022 Episode starts with Aarav apologizing to Emily. She says you didn’t respect my dream. He says sorry, give me a chance. She says tell the truth to Baa, do you have courage or not.

He says fine, I will tell Anandi everything, I will fix this, I will come back soon and take you home. Anandi says I have made this Chole puri, have food. Aarav comes there. She asks him to come. He says its looking like nothing happened, how are you able to eat. Anandi asks why shall we get upset when she made the mistake, she should be upset. He says it was my mistake, I had to go to America,

I lied to Emily and took her signs, she didn’t know, its my mistake, you beat me, call her back. Anandi gets angry and slaps him. She says go and get Emily back, I have to apologize to her. Emily dreams this and smiles. She says I m sure Aarav will come soon to take me. She opens the door. She sees Jaman.

Jaman says maid didn’t come, so I m cleaning the house, shall I clean your room. She says no, did Aarav call. He says yes, he was scared, he said he is gathering courage to tell the truth to Anand, don’t worry, trust him, I will go and get some maid, make her clean the house. Emily gets a call and asks when are you coming Aarav.

Mridula says you love Aarav a lot, is everything fine. Emily says yes, how did you call me. Mridula says I thought to surprise you, I m in Gondal, are you at home, I m coming to meet you. Emily says I m not at home, I m at friend’s house, come here. Mridula says its okay, you come home, I will talk to Anandi. Emily says come here, I will explain you everything. She sends the location.

Anandi is busy. Pinky thanks Gunjan. Gunjan says I will find a time and talk to Anandi about you. Aarav comes home and says I will tell the truth to Anandi. He asks what’s this puja preparations. Anandi says you got rid of Emily. He argues with her. Anandi says its her mistake, why shall we get upset, she should be upset, she is wrong.

Aarav says its someone’s mistake and someone else got punished. She asks what do you mean. . He says it was my mistake, I had to go to America, I lied to Emily and took her signs, she didn’t know, she thought she is signing the papers to leave US citizenship, its my mistake, Jaman is right, I got greedy for America and didn’t value relations, you beat me, punish me, but call her back. Gulab smiles.

Mridula reaches the location. Jaman gets a call about the maid. He sees Mridula. She says I think he is a servant. She asks him to take her bags and make breakfast for her. Jaman says talk to me with respect, I won’t give any money above 5000rs, three times food, just do the work well. Mridula slaps him. He checks his ear and says wait, I will see you. He calls Chameli and asks what maid did you send, I won’t keep her. Emily comes and hugs Mridula. Jaman gets shocked.

Mridula asks what servant did you keep. Jaman says sorry. Emily says Jaman is this house owner, I m staying here. Mridula says he is mad to think I m a maid. Jaman says sorry, it was a misunderstanding. Mridula says its fine, why are you staying here. Emily says come in. Jaman says I will get the bags.

Anandi says Aarav, you are doing good acting. Aarav asks what. She asks is this about love. He says I m wrong, get Emily home, its my mistake. She says truth is, I will forgive your biggest mistake, so you took the blame, Emily can’t come back home, this is my last decision. Emily says I have tried hard since I came home.

Mridula says come with me, I will talk to Anandi, Aarav will tell her everything, then Anandi will apologize to you and give you a place in her house with respect. Emily says you don’t worry, Aarav will tell her the truth, Anandi will call me back. Anandi says I won’t let Emily come here.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav says I went to meet Emily. Anandi gets dizzy. She asks him to promise that he will divorce Emily and marry an Indian girl, else she will leave the house.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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