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Ajooni 8th August 2022 Subhash tells Bindu to not look outside the house. Subhash says I have done everything but this man has no shame. Bindu says we won’t get a good guy for Ajooni now. Subhash says so you want me to marry Ajooni to this man? I would rather kill her than marry her to him. He leaves from there. Bindu says we don’t have a choice. Beeji asks her to shut up.

Rajveer’s father shows the news to Bebe and says my son is in the news again. Bebe says he is your kid and if he is being stubborn about something then let him do it. Just be calm, I won’t let this happen. Rajveer arrives there. Bebe asks how is the preparation going on for engagement? Rajveer says I have canceled the engagement.

His father hugs him and says that’s right the thing. I told you to enjoy your young life how you want it but leave the marriage bit to us. Rajveer says I have canceled the engagement because now the wedding will be done straight.

All are shocked. He asks his father to keep smiling for Ajooni’s family. His Father Ravindra slops him hard. He says this is not a joke, I am telling you that girl will never become this house’s daughter-in-law. He leaves from there. Rajveer tells Bebe that this marriage will happen at any cost and from tomorrow on.

Dolly tells her mom that I had big plans for Rajveer’s marriage but you all destroyed the fun. Her mother says we don’t even know about her family, who that girl is. Their servant Chamku says Rajveer is doing a love marriage like a hero.

Dolly says if Rajveer sets a trend then I will do love marriage and find a handsome guy too. Bebe comes there and says how dare you to talk like this? I will kill you before you do that. Stop comparing yourself to your brothers, you are a girl and way less than them.

Rajveer is keeping Subhash’s family hostage and tells him that I want Ajooni. If you don’t get me married to her then I will not spare you. Ajooni’s mother faints… it all turns out to be Ajooni’s dream. She wakes up and checks on her parents. She has a sigh of relief seeing them sleep. Ajooni says Rajveer wants to marry me? Fine, I will marry him but that will be the start of his destruction.

Scene 2
In the morning, Bharat tells the family that I have called some goons to take care of Rajveer. His mother asks what is he talking about? Bharat says I can’t be silent. Subhash comes there and says Ajooni is not in her room. Where is she? All look on.

Ajooni comes to the Gurudwarah and prays to give her strength for what she is about to do. She comes out and finds Rajveer there. She glares at him and recalls her family’s pain. Rajveer smiles and says I am lucky that you called me here. Ajooni says I am ready to marry you. Rajveer gets excited and says really?

He asks if she is playing a game with him again? Ajooni says I won’t lie at this place. Rajveer gets excited and says I can’t believe we are getting married. Ajooni says I have one condition. You have insulted my family a lot so you have to apologize to them in front of the whole city to help them redeem their respect. Rajveer gets angry at first but then says I have to listen to you for love. Anything for you. Ajooni leaves from there.

Rajveer’s family is sitting together. Ravindra says there is no wedding happening here. Rajveer comes there with Sherwani and pot. He says I am tired of convincing everyone. He says I will wear this sherwani or you can break a pot at my death. Ravindra says you won’t marry that girl. Rajveer says why not?

She is pretty, smart, and educated. Bebe says we always arrange marriages in this house. I got your father married, I got your elder brother married. See I found good daughter-in-law for this house. Rajveer says so you people can take my proposal, I just like the girl. You should go to her family and ask them formally.

Ravindra says you want me to beg to a common master for his daughter. I am Ravindra Singh Bagga, I have worked to make people fear me, I plan to make my son a CM but he is out there to destroy it all. Rajveer says you all have half an hour. He leaves from there.

Ajooni comes to the family and says there are problems happening because of me. We don’t have a choice so I said yes to him. Beeji says we have always solved problems together, you shouldn’t lose hope. Ajooni says I haven’t lost hope, Rajveer thinks he will win by marrying me but it will be his destruction starting.


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Telecast Date:8th August 2022
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