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Ajooni 31st October 2022 Harman gives the house keys to Aman and says you are responsible for everything now. Aman asks Rajveer to take Dolly to Ajooni’s house as it’s Ravindra’s orders. Dolly angrily leaves.

A lawyer arrives at Harman’s house with Aman’s divorce papers. Ajooni comes there to greet him. Harman is scared that she might see the papers. Rajveer and Ravindra come there. Ajooni goes with Rajveer. Ravindra asks the lawyer what is he doing here? Harman says you might have called him. Ravindra says I don’t remember but maybe. He goes to his room. Harman takes the divorce papers and asks the lawyer to leave.

Aman is working in the kitchen and smiles. Ajooni laughs seeing her happy. Aman says I can’t believe that I will be honored in this house. Harman comes there and asks Aman to bring 50K money. Aman says from where? Harman laughs and says you have the safe keys now.

Ajooni brings tea for Rajveer but he is angry and says you don’t need to show fake concern, I can take care of myself. Ajooni slips and screams. Rajveer rushes to her but she pushes him away. Rajveer says why are you doing this? Tell me what happened. Ajooni says I don’t need to tell you everything. Rajveer grabs her hand and says you have to tell me. Ajooni says I can’t. Rajveer angrily leaves.

Harman comes to her room and hides the divorce papers. Ravindra comes there and says what are doing? You look scared? Harman says it’s nothing. She shows the necklace to him and says I will gift this to Aman. Ravindra says you think that fool can handle this house? Harman says even Bebe agreed to it. Ravindra says then it’s fine but if you do something wrong then I won’t spare you. He asks her to bring tea for him. She nods and leaves.

Aman comes to Chanku and asks her to properly clean Harvinder’s kurta. Santo says I tried but it’s not coming out. You should control your husband before trying to control the house. Aman says don’t talk like that.

Chanku says you can’t become this house’s owner like Harman. Harman comes there and asks what happened? Aman says I just asked her if she cleaned his kurta or not. Chanku says she got the pwoers today and have started questioning me, don’t know why you chose her to have powers. Even her husband doesn’t like her and can’t have a baby. Harman tells Aman to control Chanku,

take a stick and beat her. Ravindra comes there and asks Chanku to stop it. He asks Aman to be stern with the servants. He gives her a stick and asks her to put her in place. Aman is scared but takes the stick. Chanku says she will beat me? She gets beaten by her husband. Ravindra asks her to stop it. Aman takes the stick and starts beating Chanku. She says I am this house’s owners so stay in your limits.

Ajooni comes there and asks her to stop it. Aman says I was a fool but I won’t let anyone insult me anymore. I am this house’s owner so don’t try to stop me. Just focus on your life. Ajooni looks on. Aman angrily leaves from there. Rajveer and Ajooni are confused. Ajooni takes Chanku from there. Ravindra says wow, she has become a lioness. He asks Harman to control Aman. He leaves from there. Harman smirks.

Harvinder comes to Harman and says I did what you asked me, how long do I have to wait? Chanku comes there and says Ajooni applied balm to my wounds, she is nice. Harman gives her a gold necklace and says you did a good job. Harman gives her another task. She gives her the papers and asks her to do her work.


Ajooni 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harman gives bank papers to Ajooni and says we need Aman’s thump impression on it. Chanku silently changes the papers to divorce papers when Ajooni is not looking. Ajooni brings the papers to Aman.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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