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Ajooni 31st August 2022 Ajooni is about to use oil as a soap but Rajeev comes there and stops her. Ajooni is surprised and asks when did he wake up? She says you are not well so you should rest. Rajeev is dizzy but takes the oil bowl from her. He is about to fall down but Ajooni holds him.

Rajeev calls all his family members and is angry. Bebe says thank God he is up now. Ravindra says you should take a rest. Rajveer says no, it’s not the time to rest as my wife was attacked in this house, I can’t trust you, people.

Ravindra asks he has gone crazy? Rajveer says I am sure that Ajooni’s life is in danger here. Ravindra says you are in this condition because of this girl and you are fighting me because of her?

What’s her status? Why would anyone try to kill her here? Rajveer glares at Dolly and says you should confront her. Harman says this Ajooni now wants to destroy my daughter’s life. Rajveer says that Dolly tried to attack her. Ravindra asks if he has any proof? Rajveer says I do.

Ravindra says I will punish Dolly if you can prove it but if you can’t then Ajooni will be punished. Rajveer calls the servant and asks what’s in the bowl? She says a soap liquid. Rajveer says it’s not so tell me the truth. She gets scared and says Dolly asked me to do all this. Dolly says I didn’t do anything.

Rajveer says enough, I heard Dolly giving instructions to the servant to replace soap with dangerous oil. Dolly cries and says Harman asked me to do all this. Harman is shocked and says I didn’t.

Rajveer is shocked and tells Harman how could she try to hurt his wife? Dolly says I am sorry. Ajooni says enough, you shouldn’t frame Harman as you tried to attack me before also. You gave me sleeping pill and locked me in a room filled with smoke. Dolly gets angry and accepts it. Rajveer gets angry and is about to slap her but Ravindra stops him.

Ravindra tells Harman that she will do all the household work and we will send Dolly to the hostel, Dolly cries and says no. Rajveer says I have a better idea, we should send Dolly to Ajooni’s parents house, she will learn and study there.

Ajooni says no, my family is innocent so I can’t allow her to hurt them. Rajveer says you trust your family’s upbringing right? I want Dolly to learn manners from them. Ravindra says Rajveer is right, I promised him so Dolly will go there, he asks her to go and pack her bags.

Rajveer comes to his room but Ajooni doesn’t enter. He asks what happened? Ajooni says I have some work. Rajveer stops her and asks if she is hiding something? Rajveer says you are lying to me, tell me what happened? Ajooni says I can’t enter your room. Ravindra made me promise that before bringing me in the house.

He threw me out of the house because I didn’t tell about your fever. Rajveer gets angry and says I will confront him. Ajooni stops him and says it was my mistake so it’s okay. Rajveer says but he can’t throw you out like that.

He tries to leave but Ajooni holds his hand and says for me? Rajveer gets mesmerized looking at her. He tries to go back to his room and gets dizzy but Ajooni holds him. He smiles at her and goes to his room. Ajooni looks on.


Ajooni 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni talks to Rajveer through the window and asks him to take the medicine with milk. He smiles at her and takes it. Later on, Ravindra asks Rajveer to leave for the city. Rajveer says I will go but you have to take your conditions back that you put in front of Ajooni.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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