Ajooni 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 30th August 2022 Ravindra tells Ajooni that my first condition is for you to apologize to Bebe. Ajooni says sorry to Bebe but she asks her to put her face to her feet and then apologize.

Ajooni is shocked but does it. Ravindra sits in front of her and asks her to apologize to him also, Ajooni says I am sorry. Ravindra says you will always listen to us, Ajooni nods. Ravindra says another condition is that you will stay away from Rajveer, won’t go into his room and will do all the work given and will not complain to anyone.

Ajooni agrees to all that. Ravindra says I have to break your ego now. He burns all her books. Ajooni cries seeing all that. Ravindra says don’t use your brain from now on. He asks Dolly to take her back inside. Ajooni goes with her.

Ajooni looks at Rajveer from the window, she tries to enter the room but recalls Ravindra’s condition and stops herself.

In the kitchen, Ajooni is cooking, Dolly comes there and tries to help her but Ajooni says you always do something wrong so let me cook alone.

Ravindra’s guest arrives there and have food with him. The minister says we have to get votes and I know you can help us. Ravindra says I am ready to serve you. The minister asks about Rajveer. Ravindra says he is very focused on work so he is not here.

The minister says he is very dedicated so I have decided that we will give a ticket to him in this election. Ravindra gets happy hearing that. The minister eats food and asks who cooked today? Harman says our younger daughter in law. The minister says that’s why it tastes different, it was delicious.

He blesses Ajooni and gives her some money as a gift. He asks about her name and she says I am Ajooni. He asks about her education, Mangi says she got 1st position in her graduation. The minister says I am impressed, he tells Ravindra that I think we should give the ticket to Ajooni instead of Rajveer. Ravindra is stunned and says she is our pride, we really honor her. Ajooni looks on.

Harman and Dolly sit with Rajveer, who is still unconscious. Harman says that girl has done some black magic on him, he is in this condition because of Ajooni. Harman leaves from there. Dolly asks the servant to put oil in the soap and asks Ajooni to wash the dishes.

The servant gives oil to Ajooni and asks her to wash the dishes. Ajooni takes the soap, not realizing its oil.


Ajooni 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer wakes up and shouts at the family that someone tried to kill my wife here and you all want me to rest? Ravindra asks who would want to kill her? Rajveer says you should ask Dolly about it. All are shocked. Dolly is scared.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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