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Ajooni 29th August 2022 Harman comes to Ajooni and slaps her. She says my brother is in this condition because of you, if anything happens to him then I won’t spare you.

All family members are worried about Rajveer. Ravindra asks him to wake up, you are my lion so just wake up.

Harman is beating Ajooni, she screams for Rajveer. Harman slaps her and says I won’t spare you. Rajveer hears Ajooni’s cries and becomes conscious. The doctor says he needs rest now so go out. Ravindra comes to Harman and says our son is fine now. Aman says Rajveer woke up when Ajooni called out to him.

Harvinder asks her to shut up. Ravindra asks Ajooni to leave. Ajooni says Rajveer married me and brought me here so I won’t leave till he asks me to. Ravindra grabs her and says I will throw you out.

He drags her out of the house. Ajooni pleads with him to not throw her out for Rajveer’s sake. Ravindra pushes her out and says don’t enter this house ever again. He closes the door on her. Ajooni cries.

Subhash and the family members are worried. He asks Meher what happened there? He asks Buaji to tell him. Bauji tells him how Harman insulted Ajooni and Ravindra told them to take Ajooni back but Ajooni denied them and said she would stay here. Subhash says I won’t leave my daughter alone there.

Scene 2
Ajooni is outside the house and says Rajveer’s life is in danger because of me. I was blinded by my hatred, he has done a lot for me. She cries and prays for him. Dolly comes there and smirks seeing her condition. She throws her luggage. Bebe asks her to get lost. Ajooni asks how is Rajveer?

is he fine now? Dolly asks her to get lost. Bebe says you have no standard to stand with us, Rajveer is still in our control. Ajooni says please let me serve Rajveer and repent my mistake. Just allow me to see him. Bebe asks her to get lost from here. Ajooni says I won’t go anywhere till Rajveer asks me to. Bebe pushes her away and asks her to get lost if she wants to live.

Ravindra is in the room with Rajveer. The minister calls him and says I am coming to your city tomorrow so I thought to bless your son Rajveer and his wife. Ravindra says sure and ends the call.

Ajooni cries and starts leaving the house but Ravindra stops her. Bebe asks why are you stopping her? Ravindra says she did a mistake but it doesn’t mean she hates Rajveer. She is my duaghter-in-law, I have melted seeing Rajveer’s love for her. He says she won’t go anywhere, she will stay here and no one will say anything to her.

Ravindra says I remember you said you would do anything to take care of Rajveer so I have some conditions. My first condition is to apologize to Bebe. Ajooni cries and touches her feet. Bebe asks her to touch her forehead to her feet.


Ajooni 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ravindra makes Ajooni promise to not go near Rajveer and burns her books. Ajooni cries seeing that.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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