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Ajooni 28th October 2022 Dolly is crying and says no one cares for me in this house. Harman shouts at her to stop it. Dolly says you just worry for Ajooni now. Harman says why did you put soap water there? Dolly says Harvinder asked me to do is so we could frame Ajooni. Harman thinks so he was behind all that.

Harvinder is angry and tells Shikha that his plans keep failing. Shikha gives him juice and asks him to calm down. I am with you. Harvinder comes closer and hugs her.

Harman comes to Ajooni and she is still unconscious. Aman sprinkles water on her and says she has a high fever. Rajveer arrives there and gets worried. He asks her to wake up. Ajooni wakes up. Rajveer asks what happened? Ajooni says I am feeling a little down, it’s okay. Rajveer says you don’t take care of yourself.

He offers her medicine but Harman hints no as she has to fast for him. Ajooni shoos Rajveer and says I am not a kid, I can take care of myself. Rajveer angrily leaves. Harman tells Ajooni that you did good by not telling about the pooja to Rajveer.

Rajveer is sad and tells Dolly that Ajooni doesn’t let me take care of her. Dolly says I don’t think she loves you, you are an educated man in front of her she keeps giving you speeches. Rajveer says don’t say all that. Dolly says then why doesn’t she let you come near her? You know what happened?

Guruji came and said.. Harman comes there and says he said that Ajooni is hard working so she might become ill which is why I asked Aman to take care of her. Rajveer says I am worried. Harman says don’t worry about her. She takes Dolly from there. Rajveer says Ajooni doesn’t even tell me anything.

Harman scolds Dolly and says you can’t tell anything to Rajveer. Dolly says I don’t want to go to Subhash’s house. Harman says I am ashamed to call you my daughter. She calls Harvinder but he is in bed with Shikha. He takes the call and asks what? Harman asks where are you? Come home fast. She ends the call and scolds Dolly.

Harvinder feels dizzy and starts to leave. Shikha says please don’t leave me. Harvinder says I have to go, Harman is angry. Shikha says you can’t control your family. Harvinder says once Rajveer dies then they will have to listen to me for everything. He leaves from there. Shikha says how long do I have to wait for Rajveer’s death?

Aman brings water for Ajooni and says you can break your fast now. You have a lot of stength. Ajooni says I fasted for Rajveer and I even scolded him, I feel bad. Rajveer comes there and says it’s okay, you can scold me. Ajooni smiles. Rajveer says people clapped for me as I said Ajooni’s words in the speech. He thanks her. Ajooni says we will watch your speech on TV. Rajveer goes to find his phone. Ajooni says I don’t know how to stop Rajveer from coming near me.

Harvinder comes home, Rajveer asks where were you? Bebe comes there and asks how was the rally? Rajveer says it went really well. Bebe says you are our king unlike this useless Harvinder. Harvinder is drunk and leaves from there. Bebe says lets wait for Ravindra to come back. She leaves. Harvinder comes back and glares at Rajveer. He is about to break a bottle on his head but Bebe stops him.


Ajooni 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer thanks Ajooni for helping him with the speech and offers her sweets but she says no. Rajveer says just eat it. She pushes him and shouts to stay away. Rajveer asks what happened? Just tell me.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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