Ajooni 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 26th October 2022 Rajveer shows the old arrow to Ravindra and says someone changed it. Harvinder says this servant changed it, he starts beating him. Ajooni says at least listen to him. Ravindra asks her to leave. He beats the servant and asks him to leave. Harvinder thanks Rajveer and says you saved my life today.

Rajveer says you protected me also. Ravindra tells Rajveer that you have to be careful as elections are near. He stands on the stairs and finds soap water there. He calls Santo and asks if she didn’t clean this? Santo says I didn’t mop this area today. Harman says I was in the kitchen since morning.

Rajveer says Ajooni was with me the whole day. Ravindra says then who must have done it? He glares at Dolly, she says I didn’t do anything. He grabs her ear and asks her to tell the truth. Dolly cries and says I didn’t do it deliberately.

Ravindra says Rajveer might have died because of this. You should be punished, I will send you to Subhash’s house, just clean the stairs. Rajveer leaves from there. Harvinder looks on.

Shikha’s mother is crying and says we don’t have a lot of money left, we have a huge debt. Her father says Shikha will use Harvinder, once they get married then we will ask him to pay off our debt. Her mother says but Shikha is playing with fire. She is fooling with Harvinder but she has another boyfriend Harsh. She keeps meeting him, what if Harvinder finds out about him? The doorbell rings, he opens the door to find Harvinder there.

Rajveer is getting ready for the elections. Ajooni helps him and says I am worried, people become greedy in politics, you will not change right? you wouldn’t become like your family right? Rajveer says you think I would become like that?

You are with me so I will always be on the right track, anything for you. Ajooni smiles at him. Ajooni says you should work for the people now, I just want that. Rajveer says I will do as you say, I just want your happiness. Ajooni smiles at him. Ravindra calls him so they both leave.

Harvinder enters the house and is looking for Shikha, her father stops him and tries to hint Shikha. Shikha is talking with Harsh on the phone.

Aman does Rajveer’s pooja for the elections. Mangi ties a turban on his head. Ravindra says you are looking handsome. You will make me proud. Ajooni goes and brings sweet yogurt for him.

Shikha is talking on the call. Harvinder goes to her room, she sees him coming and ends the call. She asks him to calm down, she takes him in the room.

Rajveer takes family’s blessings and is about to leave but Ajooni comes there and stops him. She offers him sweet yogurt but her hand is hurting so Rajveer sits on his knees so she can make him eat easily. All smile seeing them. Ajooni wishes him luck. Rajveer thanks her and leaves the house for elections.


Ajooni 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Guruji shouts at Ravindra that your daughter in law Ajooni came to me and she insulted my learnings. Ajooni says if you have powers then show us the way to solve this problem and protect Rajveer’s life. All look on.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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