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Ajooni 23rd August 2022 Ajooni tells Bebe that my education saved me today, this mark sheet is not just a piece of paper. Rajveer says this mark sheet will stay on the wall and nobody should touch it. Ajooni smiles hearing that, she tells Rajveer I don’t want to show off my achievements, you are proud of it, right? She gives it to him and says you can keep it now. Rajveer smiles. All leave from there.

Ravindra comes back home so Dolly cries and says Rajveer keeps protecting her. Bebe says he is supporting her in everything, we have to separate them first to teach her a lesson. Rajveer comes there so Ravindra tells him to go to Chandigarh for some work. Rajveer says to send someone else, I won’t go.

Ravindra says you are my son and keep saying no to me? I will go then. Rajveer says it’s okay, I will go there. He leaves. Bebe says we will start breaking Ajooni down from tomorrow. Dolly thinks I won’t wait till tomorrow, I will take my revenge today only.

Ajooni has a headache. Rajveer comes there and says I am going to Chandigarh, he leaves from there. Dolly comes there and says it was my fault, I was jealous but please forgive me. Can you help me with studies?

Ajooni says it’s okay, I will help you. Dolly says you have a headache? I will bring some medicine for you. Dolly takes some sleeping pills and gives it to Ajooni. Rajveer comes there and asks what medicine is this? Dolly says I have apologized to her, I brought this medicine for her. Ajooni says it’s okay, I will take it. She takes the medicine. Rajveer asks Ajooni to take rest and call him if she has any worry, he leaves from there.

Rajveer starts leaving for Chandigarh and says she talked to me nicely for the first time and now I have to leave.

Ajooni lies down in the bed and goes to sleep. Dolly smirks and lights up some smoke bars in the room. Dolly sees her sleeping and smirks, she locks her in the room filled with smoke.

Rajveer is driving and has no idea that Ajooni’s life is in danger. He recalls Ajooni giving him the mark sheet and smiles.

Ajooni wakes up and coughs becuase of the smoke. She tries to open the door but it’s locked. She pleads Dolly to open it but Dolly doesn’t. Ajooni is dizzy and keeps knocking on the door. Ajooni takes her phone and calls Rajveer. He takes the call and asks what happened? Ajooni says nothing and faints. Rajveer gets worried and turns around.

Rajveer comes back home so Dolly hides. Rajveer comes to his room and sees Ajooni lying there in smoke.

The doctor checks Ajooni’s health. Rajveer asks what happened? The doctor says she took some sleeping pills and inhaled smoke, she is lucky to be alive, he gives him medicines for her and leaves. Rajveer asks Mangi to call everyone. Mangi says she needs you so talk to them in the morning, he leaves from there. Rajveer sadly looks at Ajooni.

In the morning, all family members talk about the incident. Bebe says how does this happen? If anything had happened to her then Rajveer wouldn’t have spared us. Ravindra says we have to punish her but she is daughter in law so we can’t kill her.

Bebe asks Aman to take care of her. Ravindra says how did her room filled with smoke? Bebe says maybe she plotted all this to get sympathy. Ravindra asks Dolly if she has anything to do with it? Bebe says don’t doubt her. Ravindra says our family is crazy so anything can happen. This issue can become big.

Ajooni wakes up and sees Rajveer in her room. He asks if she took the medicines? Ajooni looks away. Rajveer gives it to her but she throws them away. Rajveer says why are you angry with me? I am taking care of you. Ajooni’s phone rings so Rajveer takes the call and doesn’t let Ajooni talk to him. He says Ajooni is in the market, he ends the call. Ajooni says why didn’t you let me talk to him? You want to save your family right? Rajveer asks what do you mean?


Ajooni 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The inspector arrives at Ravindra’s house and says we got a complaint against him. Rajveer asks what happened? The inspector says Ajooni complained against Ravindra. All are shocked. Ajooni is surprised herself.

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Telecast Date:23rd August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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