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Ajooni 21st October 2022 Harman tells Ravindra that Ajooni never let Rajveer come close to him. Ravindra says does this mean we can’t have an heir from Rajveer? Guruji says Rajveer’s life is more important. He says I will talk to my maha guru to find a solution, you will need to come there but don’t let Rajveer and Ajooni become one till then.

He leaves. All are worried. Ravindra calls Rajveer but he doesn’t pick up. Harvinder comes there and says he left with his wife. Ravindra says just call him back. Bebe says if Rajveer and Ajooni become one then Rajveer will die within 24 hours. Harvinder looks on and goes to find Rajveer.

At night time, Rajveer and Ajooni arrive at a hotel. He can’t talk in English so Ajooni talks to the receptionist and says the booking must be under Mr. and Mrs. Rajveer Bagga. Rajveer smiles. They both come to their room, Rajveer turns off his and her phone. Ajooni looks around and says this is a nice room.

Rajveer says if you don’t like it then we can change it. Ajooni says I swear it’s good. Rajveer says I had many dreams to go out with you. We are here on a honeymoon. I never had it with my friends. Ajooni laughs and says you go on a honeymoon with a wife only. Ajooni says lets go to the restaurant and have dinner there. Rajveer says we can stay in the room and eat here. Ajooni says no, we are going out. I am going to change.

Ravindra is calling Rajveer but his phone is off. Bebe is worried. Harman says do something and find my son. Ravindra says just stop doing drama, I am worried too. He gets a call from the inspector and asks him to find his son.

Ravindra says Ajooni never allowed Rajveer closer which was a good sign. Dolly says Ajooni brought many problems on Rajveer. Bebe says just call Harvinder. Aman tells Bebe that Guruji said good words about Ajooni, she saved our lives many times. Bebe scolds her and says Rajveer’s life is most important to me.

Harvinder arrives outside the hotel. He finds his car and says I will kill Rajveer and Ajooni will be blamed for it. He spikes Rajveer’s drink and asks the waiter to give it to Rajveer. He says Rajveer will die in front of Ajooni and I will enjoy that.

Rajveer is changing his shirt. Ajooni laughs and says you have worn your inner wrongly. Rajveer says my wife is so pretty that I forget everything else in front of her. Ajooni blushes and says I will wait outside.

Rajveer and Ajooni come to the poolside to have dinner. Rajveer lights up a candle. Ajooni says all this? Rajveer says this is all for you. A waiter brings drinks for them. He gives the spiked drink to Rajveer. Rajveer asks the waiter to bring veg dishes. Ajooni says but you like non-veg? Rajveer says we will eat what you like today.

Rajveer tells Ajooni that I want to say something.. I love you. Ajooni smiles hearing that. Rajveer says there is an answer to that right? Ajooni says but.. I don’t need to. Love is about showing care and not just words only.

Rajveer gets miffed and mistakenly hits the drink glass. Harvinder is angry seeing it spill. Ajooni holds Rajveer’s hand and says you have always supported me, your family is very different and they created a lot of troubles for me. They don’t treat people well and I will try to change your family but I need your support.

You will support me right? Rajveer says anything for you. He points at the sky and Ajooni sees ‘anything for you’ written in the sky. Ajooni smiles and says I love you. Rajveer is elated hearing that. Ajooni hugs him tightly.


Ajooni 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer and Ajooni are in the hotel room. Ajooni says I never thought my life would change like this. I have left all the worries on you. Rajveer says I will always support you. Ajooni turns on the fan and it falls down on Rajveer. Ajooni screams for him.

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Telecast Date:21st October 2022
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