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Ajooni 20th August 2022 Rawinder asks who did I do injustice to now? Ajooni says on mummy ji. Rajveer says Ajooni.. She says wait a minute. Ajooni says I didn’t take chunri and you made such a huge mess.

But she only went to the temple and you made her stand outside the house all night. This isn’t right. She says bebe you said things shouldn’t go out of the house. Bebe says who are you talking to. Rawinder says go and bring her inside. Ajooni says thank you. She goes out and says mummyji let’s go in.

Harman says don’t you understand go from here. Ajooni says papa ji has called you. Harman comes in. Rawinder slaps her. Rajveer says papa Ji.. He stops him. Rawinder says you sent your DIL to fight for you? Now go from here to your parent’s house. Don’t show me your face for the next seven days.

He asks Rajveer to drop her off and says don’t even enter that house. Just drop her outside. Harman cries. She says to Ajooni you got me kicked out of my own house? You will pay for this.

Scene 2
Rawinder says where is my tea? Hrman.. He says oh I sent her away from here. Bebe asks Aman is that girl still sleeping? Aman says no she wakes up early. Bebe says I will how long she sustains. Where is Dolly? she says Dolly went to college for her result. Rawinder says I am trustee of the college and my daughter isn’t passing. She keeps failing. Bebe says she will pass this year.

Rawinder says her teaacher might be boreed of her. She says why are you saying that? He says you didn’t educate me. I thought I will educate my kids. Balwinder is dumb like his uncles, and Rajveer is smart but he was stubborn. And then Dolly is the same. Bebe says she will pass this year. He says I will pray for this miracle. I will make her a doctor, I have gotten all settings done.

Ajooni does arti. Aman comes. She asks if is everything okay. She says today is my exam’s result. Aman says why didn’t you go to college? Ajooni says will Bebe let me go? Did you see what happened to maa? Aman says don’t worry. Come with me. Ajooni says don’t tell anyone. Rawinder waits for Dolly.

Bebe says don’t worry she will pass. He says I wanna show Rajveer’s wife that my daughter can get a degree too. Dolly comes and says they failed me again. They do it delibrately. He says you say this every time. She says college is under you, you could do something. Bebe says she will pass the next year. We will celebrate with a band and sweets.

Rajveer comes in dancing with the band and sweets. Everyone is shocked. They all come out. Rawinder says what is all this? Your sister failed. He says this isn’t for Dolly. This is for Ajooni, she passed her exam with a gold medal. No one is as educated as my wife in our whole family. He gives everyone sweets.

Aman tells Ajooni Rajveer is coming with sweets. Rajveer makes Ajooni eat the sweets. She says I told you don’t touch me. We’re in the kitchen. Aman asks what happened. Rajveer says Ajooni passed, she got a gold medal. Ajooni looks at her certificate. Aman says well done Ajooni. Ajooni picks the sweet and makes Aman eat it. Rajveer looks at her. Aman says go get blessings from everyone.

Ajooni says papa Ji I topped in my graduation. She touches bebe’s feet. Rajveer says to Dolly Ajooni can teach you, you can pass next year. Bebe says you didn’t tell us. Ajooni says I forgot about it. Bebe says now focuses on housework. Ajooni says but.. Rajveer says let’s do pooja. Dolly says he only cares about his wife.

Rawinder’s PA says should we give her election tickets? Rawinder slaps him. Ajooni does arti. Ajooni prays that she passes all her exams in life. Dolly looks at her. Ajooni sees her mark sheet. Rajveer comes to her. He says should we get it framed? Ajooni is silent. He says it’s such big news. We can throw a party.

I will celebrate with my friends. Don’t worry you don’t have to come. Meher calls Ajooni. Ajooni goes out to talk. Meher says you are first now, everyone is after me and I’ve to get the best grades. We’re so happy. Biji congratulates Ajooni. Dolly sneaks into her room and looks for the certificate. Ajooni says how did you find the result? She says Meher saw it online. Ajooni says let me know when papa comes.


Ajooni 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dolly is about to burn the certificate. Rajveer stops her. He frames it and puts it on a wall. Bebe says your wife is very clever. I can prove that. And if that happens you will have to throw this degree out.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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