Ajooni 17th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 17th October 2022 Rajveer brings Ajooni back home. Harman does her aarti and says you are our true daughter-in-law now. Ajooni is about to kick the kalash but Bebe stops her and says we are bringing you back because of Rajveer but if you go back to your family’s house this time then it will be your last time.

Ajooni kicks the kalash and enters the house. Ravindra calls Dolly there and asks her to do Ajooni’s aarti. She is angry but does it. Ravindra says you have done a lot against her so touch her feet and apologize to her. Dolly is shocked. Harman says just do it. Dolly touches Ajooni’s feet but she stops her. Ravindra tells Dolly to take care of Ajooni from now on, you will do as she says.

Harvinder tells Shikha that he can’t ask papa to give him the ticket like this. Shikha says you are Rajveer’s brother, you should tell him that it’s your right. Shikha asks him to tell them that you have a ticket from another party so they have to give him a ticket. Shikha says good. Harvinder hugs her.

All family members sit together. Harman asks Rajveer to feed food to each other. Ajooni blushes so Ravindra asks her to do it. Ajooni looks at Rajveer and says I am Rajveer’s and will always be. She makes him eat food with her hands. Rajveer smiles at her. Ravindra says they are a cute couple but some people are against them.

He tells Dolly to make juice for Ajooni every day. He asks Mangi to bring water for Ajooni, he asks Dolly to fan Ajooni. Rajveer is about to feed food to Ajooni but Harman asks him to not be shy, you have to take her name first. Rajveer looks at Ajooni and says you have made my life so anything for you Ajooni. She smiles at him, he feeds her food. Harman blesses them. Ravindra says let’s eat food now. All sits to eat together. Rajveer feeds Ajooni.

At the night time, Rajveer and Ajooni come to their room. They find it decorated with rose petals and are surprised. Ajooni says all this? Rajveer says mummy must have done this. He brings a gift for her. She takes it and smiles.

Rajveer asks her to open. She opens it to find some dresses. Rajveer says I bought it from the shop I saw you in for the first time. Ajooni asks what happened? Rajveer says I wish you would wear it please. Ajooni says right now? Rajveer says please for me? Ajooni smiles and goes to change.


Ajooni 18th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harman tells Dolly that she has selected a dress for Ajooni tomorrow as it’s Karwachauth. Dolly tempers with Ajooni’s mesh so she can’t see Rajveer’s face. Ajooni gets worried when they do the ritual and she uses the mesh.

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Telecast Date:17th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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