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Ajooni 17th August 2022 Ravindra shouts at Harmand for not making Ajooni wear a dupatta. Bebe asks Ajooni to wear dupatta over her head. Ajooni says I won’t do that. All are shocked. Ajooni says I have my body covered, what will a veil do? I live with my head held high so I won’t hide it.

Bebe asks Subhash is this his upbringing? Ajooni says you are talking about honor and upbringing when Ravindra keeps throwing things around at everyone and nobody respects Aman here. Ravindra says I will break your face, he is about to slap her but Rajveer comes in front of her and gets slapped.

All look on. Ravindra says Ajooni won’t sit in the pooja, use coconut in her place which means Rajveer is leaving Ajooni.

Rajveer says no, Ajooni will sit in the pooja with me. Ravindra is about to slap her again but Rajveer holds his hand and says she is my wife. Enough. Subhash says I apologize on Ajooni’s behalf. Beeji covers Ajooni’s head. Ravindra tells Rajveer that if you were not my son then I would have cut you in pieces.

Rajveer and Ajooni sit in the pooja together. They do pooja and aarti together holding hands. Ravindra tells Subhash to teach your daughter to respect our rituals, I want peace in my son’s life. Rajveer and Ajooni take Bebe’s blessings.

Bebe says you have to fulfill my wish, you have to give me a grandson because Aman is useless. Harvinder tells Aman that I get insulted every time because of you. Rajveer takes Beeji’s blessings and leaves with his family. Beeji asks Ajooni how are you? I pray that you find peace in this house. Subhash says I couldn’t help you. Ajooni says don’t blame yourself, this is my fight now.

Meher says we all are with you. Ajooni smiles and hugs her. Rajveer sees that and tells his friend Kuku that they are so emotional, that our family doesn’t show emotions like them. Ajooni is very different.

Kuku says you are lucky to have a wife like her. Rajveer says sometimes I don’t believe that she is my wife but she is mine, I will show her how much I love her. Ravindra comes there and says you are a lover but you married the wrong girl, she doesn’t fit in our house, controls her tongue.

Scene 2
Ajooni is sitting in her room, it’s all decorated. Rajveer’s friends push him in the door. He locks the door. Rajveer says I brought a gift for you but it broke. He smiles and says I can’t believe we are married. He sits on the bed with her but she moves away. Rajveer says I told you to not do any drama in the pooja and I got beaten for you, it’s okay though. We love each other so it’s okay.

He holds her hand but Ajooni moves away and says don’t touch me. Rajveer says why are you doing this? We are married. Ajooni says you forced me to marry you. Rajveer shouts enough, I could have forced myself on you but I married you. Stop saying that I forced you because you came to me, I told you to not play games with me. Is this your game plan? To fight with my family?

I apologized to people for you which I never did. Ajooni tries to leave but Rajveer grabs her hand and says you have a misconception about me. He pins her to the wall and grabs her neck.

Ajooni says you can force and win over my body but you can never force me to love you. You can kill me, own my body but this forced relationship will never make me love you. Rajveer glares at her and leaves.

In the morning, Ajooni comes out of the shower and is getting ready. Rajveer comes there and is mesmerized. Aashiqi aa gayi plays. Ajooni sees him and moves away. Rajveer says I.. if you feel alright then can I sleep here? If my family sees me sleeping outside then they will create another scene. Ajooni glares at him and leaves.

Ajooni comes to the mandir and prays. All family members come there and doo pooja with her. Aman gives aarti to everyone but Harvinder leaves. Bebe asks Rajveer why didn’t he take a shower? Rajveer leaves. Bebe tells Ajooni to get ready, we have a ritual. Aman goes with Ajooni. Harmand says she didn’t answer back today? bebe says I will make her weak slowly.

Aman tells Ajooni you are looking pretty, now I know why Rajveer is crazy for you.

Rajveer’s friends are teasing him, thinking he had a consummation night with Ajooni. Rajveer shouts at them to stop it, she doesn’t love me and I slept on the roof yesterday. She says that I forced her into this marriage. Kuku asks him to not worry, everything will be fine, just win her heart over. Rajveer gets an idea.

Ajooni comes to Bebe and Harmand. Ajooni asks why this pooja? Bebe says it’s our ritual to make daughter-in-law wear a foot ring. Bebe makes Ajooni wear it and it’s tight on her foot finger. Ajooni says it’s too tight. Harmand says she is always complaining. Bebe tells Ajooni that we are adjusting with you so you will have to adjust with this tight foot ring. Ajooni is hurt.


Ajooni 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni makes food for the family but Dolly adds a handful of spices in it. All family members eat it, Ravindra says this food is poison. Dolly says Aman taught her. Harvinder offers spices to Aman and orders her to eat it. Ajooni says stop, I made the food so I will take this punishment. Rajveer looks on.

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Telecast Date:17th August 2022
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