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Ajooni 16th August 2022 Rajveer tells Ajooni to stop being so angry, everything will be fine in some days. I know your family was insulted, I will go there and apologize to them. Ajooni glares at him. Rajveer says I am stuck between you and my family.

Harmand and Dolly come there. Harmand taunts Ajooni to not sit uselessly and start working in the kitchen. Rajveer says she will come in a bit, Harmand and Dolly leave. Rajveer says listen.. Ajooni glares at him and leaves.

Ajooni comes to the kitchen and asks what she has to do? Harmand asks her to cook what she wants to. Ajooni is stressed and feels like puking seeing the chicken.

She says I am a veg person so I can’t cook this. Harmand says your husband likes chicken so cook it. Ajooni says I can cook what I know but I can’t cook this. Aman says I can cook it. Harmand shouts at her to get lost. Dolly forces Ajooni.

Harvinder comes to his room. Aman asks where was he last night? Harvinder glares at her and treats her like a servant. Aman says tomorrow there is a pooja in the house so don’t go anywhere. Harvinder slaps her and says I am not Rajveer so don’t talk in front of me.

He leaves from there. Ajooni sees all that and is shocked. Ajooni apologizes to Aman and says I thought you were like these people but you are different, why are you bearing all this? Aman says he is my husband, I can’t go against him. Ajooni says I will never allow anything wrong like this to happen.

Dolly tells Rajveer that your wife is arguing with the mom. You are blinded by her, she insulted mummy because mummy asked her to cook chicken but she threw it at her face. You have to control her. Rajveer gets angry and leaves from there. Dolly smirks.

Rajveer brings Ajooni to the family. Bebe asks if he has talked to her? Harmand says she insulted me when I asked her to cook. Rajveer asks why are you all behind her? She can’t cook non-veg so what’s the issue?

She has never cooked it so don’t force her. He tells Ajooni to say no calmly instead of being angry, just apologize to mummy. Ajooni asks why? I didn’t do anything wrong, I won’t touch non-veg, she tells Harmand that you asked me to cook what I know.

Bebe tells Rajveer that he is useless as he can’t even control his wife. Rajveer shouts at Ajooni that I have to hear all this because of you, like you can’t see your family being insulted, I can’t allow you to insult my family either. Bebe asks Ajooni to apologize to Harmand. Ajooni says no. I didn’t do anything so I won’t apologize. Bebe asks her to get lost. Rajveer glares at her. Ajooni leaves from there.

Ajooni is going to her room and recalls how she promised to take revenge on Rajveer for what he did with her family. She recalls how Beeji asked her to give him a chance. Ajooni goes back to Rajveer and the family. She apologizes to Harmand and says I am sorry for what happened.

Harmand says you are forgiven, let’s forget it, Rajveer is my son before your husband so I am letting it go but I will win all the fights against you. Ajooni says I apologized but that doesn’t mean I am wrong, my family taught me that apologizing doesn’t make you smaller, let’s see who wins the battle. Rajveer looks on.

Ajooni is in her room and recalls everything. Rajveer comes there and says thank you for apologizing to her. He sits besides her and says I got scared but I can do anything for you, just don’t make me fight with my family, I love them but you are important to me. I am sorry on their behalf.

Ajooni looks away. Rajveer asks what do I have to do to win you over? He says tomorrow we have a pooja so don’t do anything. Let’s go to sleep… I mean I will go. He leaves. Ajooni looks on.

In the morning, Ajooni’s family arrives at Rajveer’s house. Ravindra welcomes them. Ajooni comes there, Rajveer smiles at her. Ravindra says I thought we will have a fresh start but you are so stubborn. He tells Subhash that she has no manners, she never follows any ritual. She should have covered her head. He shouts at Harmand for being useless and not controlling her. He throws things at Harmand. All are shocked.


Ajooni 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni tells the family that I won’t cover my head. Bebe says don’t you have manners? It’s part of our upbringing. Ajooni says what upbringing? Ravindra keeps throwing things around at everyone. Ravindra gets angry and is about to slap her but Rajveer comes inbetween and gets slapped.

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Telecast Date:16th August 2022
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