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Ajooni 12th October 2022 Rajveer enters Ajooni’s room and holds her hand but it’s Meher. She wakes up and screams. Rajveer hides behind the curtain. Beeji and Ajooni come there, Neeru asks what happened? Meher says I think someone entered my room. Ajooni sees someone hiding behind the curtain, she takes a bat and hits him.

Rajveer comes out and faints. All are shocked to see him. Meher says I didn’t know it was Rajveer. Rajveer wakes up and winks at Beeji. She smirks as he is acting to be unconscious. Beeji tells Ajooni that you hit your husband, let’s put him on the bed.

Harvinder calls Shikha and says I couldn’t make Aman sign the divorce papers. Bebe has given her pooja work. Shikha gets an idea and tells him the plan.

Rajveer is lying on the bed. Beeji asks Ajooni to take care of him and leaves. Ajooni holds Rajveer’s hand and is worried. She prays for him and says I won’t be able to live if anything happens to him. Rajveer hears that and smiles. Ajooni sits on the bed and falls asleep. Rajveer wakes up and smiles at her. He keeps staring at her. Kinna sona plays.

In the morning, Meher makes tea and says I will take it to Ajooni’s room. Beeji says let them be, they need time together. Meher says Rajveer will gift me for my birthday. Rajveer comes there and I will arrange a party for you. I will cook food also. Meher is excited and goes with him.

Rajveer and Meher come to the kitchen. He says I will cook today. Rajveer says my wife is miffed with me but I will cook her special food. Meher says I can help you. Rajveer says no, I will cook today.

Harman brings tea for Ravindra, he asks who freed you? He calls the servant so she says Bebe asked me to free her. I didn’t do anything. Ravindra punishes her. He takes the tea and throws it on the floor, he asks Harman to clean it. She does so he keeps throwing tea on the floor. Harman cries.

Rajveer is making food, he makes halwa and plates it. He takes juice and says I will take it to Ajooni. Meher wishes him luck.

Rajveer comes to Ajooni’s room and sees her sleeping. He smiles at her. He caresses her face so Ajooni wakes up and moves away. She says why did you come last night? I won’t come with you. What will you do? Will you scare me with a gun?

Rajveer says people keep taunting me that I am blinded by your love but I miss you, please come with me. Ajooni says I won’t go to that house. You never loved me, love is won by love and not by threatening. Will you be able to do that? Rajveer says I accept your challenge.


Ajooni 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer tells Ajooni that he accepts her challenge, I trust my love and I will make you fall in love before taking you back home. Rajveer prepares surprises for Ajooni.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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