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Ajooni 11th October 2022 Bebe brings Harman to Ravindra and says this woman is useless. She is taking Ajooni’s side so show her place. Ravindra gives some instructions to the servant. Harman says Rajveer loves Ajooni a lot that’s why I said to bring her back. The servant brings some ropes a board.

Harman cries but Bebe grabs her. Harman says don’t do this with me. They tie her to a pillar, Bebe says you will stand here for the night. Rajveer comes there so Harman cries and asks him to free her. He is about to free her but Ravindra stops her. Rajveer says I won’t leave Ajooni and remarry.

Ravindra says stop this drama, he says will you play a game? If you win then I will do as you say but if you lose then you will do as I say. Rajveer accepts it. Ravindra plays a card game with him. He tells Rajveer to show his cards. Rajveer wins the game. He tells Ravindra that I will win all the games.

He tells him that I will bring Ajooni back at any cost. Ravindra says how? I will give you 3 days, if you can bring her back then good otherwise I will get you remarried. Harman asks Rajveer to go and bring her back. Bebe gives her electric shocks also. Rajveer leaves.

Shikha sits with Harvinder. He says we will get married now. Shikha says Aman didn’t divorce you, you can’t remarry till she is alive, what if Ajooni files a case? I don’t want her in the house. Harvinder says I will kill her. Shikha says you tried that before but it didn’t work. Why can’t you divorce her?

Harvinder brings divorce papers to Aman and asks her to sign it otherwise he will kill her.

Rajveer comes outside Ajooni’s house. He rings the bell, Ajooni opens the door and is surprised to see him. Rajveer smiles at her. Ajooni says why are you here? I told you I won’t come with you. This is late so just leave, I hate you and won’t come back with you.. it turns out to be Rajveer’s dream.

He is about to ring the bell but some dogs bark at him. Meeru and Ajooni come out so Rajveer hides. Meeru says I am scared of the dogs. Ajooni says don’t worry and goes back in the house with her. Rajveer gets an idea.

Harvinder asks Aman to sign the divorce papers. Aman says you can kill me but I won’t sign these papers. Bebe comes there and says Ravindra told you to not do anything with her, he is going to run in the elections so don’t do any mistake. She asks Aman to go to the mandir and do pooja for Ravindra. she says I will do it.

Rajveer jumps the window and enters Ajooni’s room.


Ajooni 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer tries to wake up Ajooni, she gets scared and hits him with a bat thinking he is a thief. Later Ajooni tells Rajveer that you never loved me, you just showed right on me. Love is earned by love and not at gunpoint, can you win that? Rajveer looks on.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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