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Ajooni 10th October 2022 Biji asks Ajooni to rest in her room. Her mom says what if Rajveer doesn’t come to pick her up? People will say so many things. Biji says to stop thinking about people.

Bebe gives Rawinder tea. A servant comes and says Rathore sent a gift for you. He opens it, it’s a pistol. Ravinder says to tell him it made me happy. Harvinder throws Aman’s things out. He says get lost. Shikha is coming to this house, she has to leave it. Ravinder says I own this wife. Bebe rules this house and she’s living here with our permission. Ravinder says I will break this mangalsutra.

Harman says that’s of your name. He says I don’t want her to wear it. Ravinder says go and live in the servant quarter to resolve this issue, Aman. Harman says I don’t want this girl here. Ravinder says I can kick you out too. Harvinder says I will go and beg on roads and ruin your name. Rewinder says no one would give you a penny. Ravinder asks Aman to leave. She picks up her bags and leaves.

Aman says I lied for the first time and got caught. Why am I so unlucky? A maid comes crying and says Aman has locked herself in the room. Rajveer tries to break the door. Aman tries to stab herself. Rajveer comes there. Ravinder comes in and says do you wanna call the police here? What is this drama?

Scene 2
Ravinder says I had many hopes for you both, but you’re both useless. Ravinder says to start using your brain Harvinder. If she had gone out and the media found her, she will become a victim and we would lose the elections. She will live here in the servant quarter. He says but no one will call Ajooni here. She left herself.

Meher says to Ajooni that Jeju will come to pick him up. Please go with him. He loves you a lot. Everyone fights. She says I want to be alone for a while. Meher leaves. Harman brings Rajveer food. She says please eat. I know you’re mad at me. I am wrong, I annoyed Laxmi with this house so much.

Call her once. I will keep her like my daughter. She will listen to you. Just talk to her once. Rajveer calls her but she doesn’t pick. Ajooni sees the phone and cries. Harman says Aman lied, she knew she can never be a mom. Bebe says Shikha will give us our heir. Keep Aman under control. If anything happens this time I will kill you.

Ajani left herself. We should find another girl for Rajveer too. We should get both married together. Harman says why? Ajooni is a nice gril. She’s done so much for this house. We should bring her home. Bebe says if you like her so much leave this house too. Harman says we can never find a DIL like her. Bebe says I rule this house. See what I do now and how to control DIL. She drags Harman.

Scene 3
Biji asks Ajooni if Rajveer called. She says how long will you stay mad? Husband and wife are wheels of a car. I know Rajveer didn’t trust you but you’re dragging it. We accept a human with their flaws. You tried to accept them as who they are. He has accepted his mistake. Don’t drag it. Think about it. Eat something please. She makes her eat.


Ajooni 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ravinder says to Rajveer bring her home in 3 days or I will get you married with Ravinder. Rajveer goes to Ajooni’s place. She says go from here. I hate you.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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